More ice fishing………

Here’s a high tech homemade Canadian ice-fishing rig. Basically a stick of wood, a door stop spring, a wooden dowel and a few cup hooks. I added a bell on the end to wake me up on those drowsy afternoons.

Mike discovers how smokies got their name. Ice fishing isn’t always just fishing. This lunch break was on Clearwater Lake.

Perchmaster asked about Teggau Lake. Here Susanne is coming off the portage trail and along the creek edge…….some current so the ice is thin! Note the result of the forest fire in the background. Teggau Lake is accessed off of Eagle way down by Buzzard Falls. The lake is probably the deepest in the NW region…….over 500 feet!

Perchmaster also asked about those secret ice fishing rigs he sent me. That reminded me to give them a try and hey they seem to work. A pike near the lodge was intent on eating it…..tipped with a minnow.

Some of the “less than jumbo” perch that just won’t leave my jigging spoon alone.

This green and silver Little Cleo seems to work on those “long nosed brown trout”. Good catch Gord!

7 thoughts on “More ice fishing………

  1. First off GREAT job Gord really make me jealous "BIG TIME" That you have such a great fishery in your front yard and can hit it anytime weather providing.

    Buzzard Falls Where would this be located? Is it down by Osbourne Bay?

    That is one deep body of water that is for sure.

    Those are some great pics and first if you go to a small swedish pimple or something like that you tip it with a head only of a minnow or on each hook of the treble put a waxie on each one and they will get you some perch.

    Good to see that spinner rig got you a northern that is what they were made for, told you they catch fish you think I would BS you Gord.

    Hey Mike don't try to smoke that smokie it will kill you….

    Nice old fashion homade tip up Gord leave it to you… I got about 7 orange Frabills sitting in the basement I can give you if you want them?

    I can't wait till the next outing already….

  2. Orange Frabills?? Even I have some original Beaver Dam tip-ups, made in Beaver Dam, Wi. Frabills are made in China! Shame on you PM !

    Buzzard Falls is on the very west arm of Eagle Lake. You need to come twice a summer, that way you could take in some of the lake!

  3. Frabill, Inc.
    P.O. Box 449
    Jackson WI 53037
    If they are or were made in China what the hell is not these day's, seems everything you look at say's that

    I would like to that musky fishing awaits me I know

  4. After further investigation I decide to go out to the garage and check one of my 16 Frabils and found that they are indeed made in the U.S.A
    So strike one for Gord he is wrong once a year….

  5. Gord said…
    Thanks for humbling me once again.

    Not a problem if I can prove you wrong I am taking full advanatage of it you know that…

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