More signs of Spring……

Here’s a few shots from a different perspective…..looking towards the lodge from the government dock……

Vermilion Bay from the government dock………

Open water in the creek is always a big Spring-time attraction to many birds. To the left of the flag pole are a pair of Canada geese……to the right are a very colourful pair of Hooded Mergansers. What you can’t see is the Otter that swam through the scene…….lock your minnow bucket!

Pussy willows are popping………

A look into the water from the deck by cabin #6………

Noisy Red Wing Blackbirds are back…….

Here’s an “artsy” shot of a pair of geese standing on the ice near the mouth of the creek.

11 thoughts on “More signs of Spring……

  1. GREAT shots Gord I am liking this photo update you are giving.
    Hey guy's sorry but it looks like Friday is the day…..
    Can you say Perchmaster WINS!!!!!!!

  2. Yea well with you being the judge you might have a favorite to win this contest.
    I wasnt pics and more pics……………
    You have to be positive you know me Gord every time I pull away from the dock I think we are going to catch so many fish I will be sore from reeling em in…

  3. Nice to see the ice melting. Lake does look several feet lower than when I was there last Spring. I may have a job offer from overseas, which would require me to move when I am planning on being there at VBL this summer. Either way I am looking forward to the trip either earlier or at the time specified. I am guessing ice out will be April 14th.


  4. Hey Neil, anytime you want to arrive should work for me. You're right on the lake level…we need some rain this spring to get it up. I've made note of your guess!

  5. RAIN RAIN RAIN…………….
    Sure hope you get dumped on the next couple of weeks….
    Arrive 6 weeks from tomorrow, can't wait now…
    The perch await us

  6. I don't want to bump anyone, and I would stay somewhere in town if I have too, but if space is avail, I would be grateful.

    Right now still plan on showing up as planned. I will let you know as soon as possible what will work out.

    Job prospects are looking good for a position in Taegu Korea. 3 year tour on Camp Henry. Been through 2 interviews and they contacted my current supervisor this week for reference.

    As an Old Marine I still got it and unlike you Gord, I don't some rain to get it up! :@P

    Looking forward to some serious Walleye and Perch hunting!

    Semper Fi!

  7. "we need some rain this spring to get it up"?? I'm with Neil. I live in the desert. Am I in trouble? I know I will pay for this but I had to say it……Bill

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