My Pheasant Hunt……..

I’ve just returned from a 3 day pheasant hunting trip to Colome, South Dakota. Here’s a new friend I met down there……..I call her number 318.

My brother-in-law John hanging out on the main drag in Colome. The Frontier Bar makes good burgers and has an abundance of cold beer.

Here is the typical scenery in that neck of the woods (not much woods)…….rolling hills, crop land and many black cattle. What you can’t see are the thousands of pheasants warily watching us from the weeds.

Perhaps a catchy phrase like this might work for the lodge? Or not……

John and I with some South Dakota pheasants. You have to be darn smart to outwit these very wild birds. All in all a fun trip. It was nice to be the tourist for a change!

5 thoughts on “My Pheasant Hunt……..

  1. Cocks Unlimited fits you well Gord…
    Your new friend 318 might taste good next spring?
    So where is Mark R in all these pics from your hunting trip?

  2. Hi Gord, I'm jealous. Ever since we moved from Minnesota to the high desert of New Mexico the only pheasants I have seen have been in bad paintings in the Cabela's catalog.
    It was great to put a face with the voice too. John and I talked when I was at the lodge last year. I know you guys had fun.
    A favor please….Put one of those birds into the freezer until I get back next fall.Gwen has a GREAT pheasant divan recipe and I know Susanne and I can pull it off. (When you freeze a bird for that long it works best in a milk carton full of water)
    Be well. Stay warm.

  3. Personally, I have no problem with Cocks Unlimited theme. It would be unique for a NW Ontario fishing lodge and would probably appeal to both genders, depending on where you advertise. However, it may cause a problem if you decide to go ahead with the special "Dykes for Pikes Week" at VBL this coming summer.

  4. After a previous post highlighting Big Dick, Little Dick, honarable Dick and others, wouldn't "Dicks unlimited", not to be confused with "Ducks unlimited", be a more appropriate theme?


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