Nice Fish!

This is a great picture from last week. What a nice fish….and a successful release too! Congratulations to Mike Jacobs.

11 thoughts on “Nice Fish!

  1. Keith Mitchell of Lincoln, NE and Vermilion Bay Ontario, served as our host, guide and mentor. Thanks to him and especially thanks to Gord for providing us the fantastic opportunity to have this great experience.

    Roger Jacobs, father of Mike.

  2. The problem is that Keith now thinks he can catch walleye, which we all know is next to impossible. Thanks to Mike for showing him how it's done…..and for sending me the great picture of this fish!


    Gord is rumored to keep a "Monster Walleye" pen hidden somewhere in the deep water of Vermilion Bay. I once overheard him saying that it holds only walleyes, the smallest of which are 30 inches. Some are as large as 34 inches. He maintains this for his personal amusement. On the rarest of occasions he will let a guest fish it. That's what I think Anonymous is talking about when he thanks Gord for "providing us the fantastic opportunity to have this great experience". Further, I think the mention of Keith Mitchell is simply a diversion used to confuse us. Why would Gord entrust Keith to "guide " a guest to the private pen. This doesn't make sense.

    Perhaps I've become jaded and bitter. But I've been coming to VBL for about 15 years now and never once have I been invited to fish the Monster Walleye pen. This bothers me.

  4. The "Bullshit Alert" button is like a fire alarm and should only be pressed for valid reasons. Jealousy, or lack of sufficient skill level to catch one's own 30 incher does not fall within the "Alert Parameters" (see the complete guide to the Bullshit Alert manual and procedures).

  5. Relax Professor, we only took the blindfold off of Keith after we got to "THE SPOT" per instructions from Gord. You know how one island on the lake looks like another. This was Mike's first trip ever to VBL and only my second. Just goes to show that you have to know how IT'S DONE. 15 years, eh?

  6. WOW this has gone from a PG rated site to a XXX rated site.
    I have been coming to VBL for 10 years running now I think it is, and he has yet to share this pen info with us either.
    I share info with him and he don't tell me nothing.
    I will say one thing!!!!
    THAT IS A BEAUTY EH!!!!!!!
    How my doing Gord?
    I get the Canadian lingo down I can guide for you EH?

  7. Perchmaster….I probably told you about that "secret spot" that you now claim for your own! How many "Hawg Walleye Holes" (**Bullshit Alert**!!!!) do I have to tell you about?

  8. Hi Gord…Thank you for helping me understand how to properly use the "bullshit alert". When I clicked on the picture of the pretty lady a scary image appeared. Is this what you intended?

  9. OK Gord you did mention one"HONEY HOLE" but I have known about that one for year, won't mention any names.
    Other than that it's been pretty much "BULLSHIT".
    Just so all the readers of the Beaver know we fished a spot one day and asked if he ever caught fish here Gord say's and I quote.
    "I dreamed about this spot one night"
    So you guy's tell me?

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