Susanne nailed a bunch of perch in this secret location (clue: note VBL in background) and I added to the pile with a northern. While I have publicly been known to scorn the likes of Kurt Hebecker, Mark Miskywicz, Andy Lewis and others for their love of perch, I will admit that when we fried them up for lunch they were darn tasty! Maybe the “perch queens” were on to something after all…….

12 thoughts on “Perch-O-Rama…..

  1. Hi Gord…Congrats on the perch. These fish are darn tasty, especially fried. I hope your honey hole continues to produce until the ice rots. I’ll bet they are much easier to clean knowing that you get to feast on them.

  2. Well Gord congrat on finally going and doing some perch fishing this winter, I have been telling you for years those are some great eats.
    See now you guy’s know why we do the chase every spring for those perch.
    I noticed you did not mention what you were catching them on.
    Bet it was not on the chenna bait?
    You need some HOT jigs that require no bait for fishing those perch let me know and I will bring some up this spring for you, am even going to try these jigs out on the perch this spring without the meat.
    Sure wish you would learn how to spell my last name but I think you did this one on purpose cause of the way Mark’s name was spelled?
    By the way Misky could be hitting the net in the near future as we have pushed him out of the stone age and into the new world.

  3. Kurt….Susanne caught the perch on a silver Cast Master type jigging spoon with some chartreuse shiny tape on it. I was using a small williams spoon…caught the northern and a few small perch. We had two tipups set with minnows and other than a few bites..nothing on those. Hey, as far as spelling your names, why not change it to something normal so I can figure it out???!!

  4. O you are a funny guy?
    And does not surprise me that Susanne out fished you once again, seems like everyone out fishes the MASTER

  5. Gord,

    It’s clear that Mark and Kurt earned the title of perch queens. You can just call me the Fresh Prince of Perch.

    I’m a little surprised that those perch weren’t down deeper? This time of year we are catching perch in 70′ of water. A small jig with 3-4 wax worms would be ideal. The castmaster is a little on the large size I would think? Obviously, those pike are enjoying the same meal that you were able to enjoy with Suzanne. I’ll take a perch fry any day.

  6. I agree that Mark and Kurt earn the reputation as perch queens……not only for their love of perch but strangely, when the two of them stay the week in cabin 2, there is only one bed to remake……..!!

  7. Looks like good fishing was had by all!
    I was at ther Spring Fishing Show in Toronto, handing out the odd Vermilion Bay Lodge Brochure.
    Chuck in Toronto

    That was not nice Gord.

    I agree that Mark and Kurt earn the reputation as perch queens……not only for their love of perch but strangely, when the two of them stay the week in cabin 2, there is only one bed to remake……..!!

    Now you wait till this May gloves are off now.
    I feed you you all week and I find new hot spots for you I get my own bait and now this is the way you treat me.
    OK I will keep that in mind when you break down next time and need a lift or you need to use my boat to go back to camp.
    This year you might be cleaning perch in your dreams.
    Back to the topic you need to down size for those perch no need to be using such large baits.
    Try some small jigs maybe throw a piece of Chenna on the hook for flavor?
    OK no more help for you for now till you apologize?

  9. I know, that you know, that I was just joshing. The perch really wanted those big baits….in fact it was hard to keep the tiny ones off. I was trying to be selective by using a bigger bait…..maybe size doesn’t matter. Next time I’ll try a small jig.

  10. maybe size doesn’t matter. Next time I’ll try a small jig.
    Now you are learning take the words of advise from the “PERCHMASTER”.
    I know you are only joshing me Gord, besides that is your nature if you would not be doing it I would be worried something might be wrong with you.
    Joke might be on you though. Keep your eyes open in May!!!!!

  11. Perchmaster,

    Don’t let Gord fool you. He LOVES cleaning perch, and he’s quite good at it. Fish hard. Fish long. Come back with a burlap bag full of the green gold and take yourself a nap. You will find yourself giggling yourself to sleep.


  12. Yea well we can’t do that to Gord.
    We kind of make it tradition now and we all gather down at the ol fish house and drink beer.
    And YES Gord is a master when it comes to cleaning fish.

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Thank you very much for making my get a way week so enjoyable. Dan and I had a great time. You and Susanne should be commended on how clean and well maintained your cabins and lodge are. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking to go to Canada fishing and I look forward to the time I can come back.

Jody Hansen

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