Reminiscing with old pictures…


Like the title says, this post is all about some old photos from past seasons.  Sure you can call me lazy for not coming up with something new, but it’s interesting to go back in time a bit and see what was going on.  Can you spot yourself in any of these?  Bring back a few memories, some old stories perhaps?

An Eagle Lake muskie on a beautiful Fall day.

…I guess Mike is!

Thank you! Can I have another?
75 yards of 10lb. Fireline with a 4′ mono leader put this bait where it needed to be.

Off to Burton’s cabin on McGregor for the night. When stopped the dogs bark like crazy, but when they get going all is quiet…

Holly’s whitefish.
Henry and Adam doing the Polish thing.

Clearwater Bounty

Breakfast of Champions
A beauty of a fish!

Brad Walker. He never could handle his booze!

Bryce in love with two Polish girls.

How do you want your sock cooked?

A nice whitetail buck
Musky bite….
The River Monster Crew at VBL
29 1/2″ fatty

A very happy muskie girl with a heavy fish. “Dad, I’m shaking!”
Mary proudly showing off the first northern she caught and released on her own.

A happy camper with a nice pike.

Version 2
Mrs. Claus and I…
Potato man Steve Lueck.

5 thoughts on “Reminiscing with old pictures…

  1. Looks like the Perchmaster deserves some photo credits…. HAHA Always nice looking back
    Hey that picture of Jon with Jim’s buck 🙂

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