Richard Gere look alike?

I have been waiting patiently for the Professor to post this but remembered that the missus waited a very long time for her kitchen to be completed, so here it goes…

When the professor and I went up to VBL in the spring, Susanne told us that Gord had an appointment with his proctologist. Well, when Gord returned from the Doctor’s office we were a littl disturbed to see a smile on his face.

Gord soon spilled the beans. The nurse had told him that he looked like Richard Gere. He was beaming. “Oh really” thought the professor. Meanwhile I was reminded of the post that showed a resembance between an inebriated Gord and Charles Manson.
Let’s just say we were puzzled by this comparison. That is until Gord took us on a portage trip to Carribou lake. It hit us when Gord was demonstrating his unique guiding stance in the back of the boat.

Perhaps, we thought, the nurse was refering to the resemblance between Gord’s ars and that of Richard Gere? So we winced, and took a closer look.

So in the tradition of old Elvis/young Elvis debate, we will let you weigh in….old Gere or young Gere?

5 thoughts on “Richard Gere look alike?

  1. Those of you that kow me I have a comment for most all posts on this blog..

    In honor of ther request of the Professor….
    NO COMMENT!!!!! For now..

  2. If anyone would like to order a pair of those classy rubber boats that I am sporting just give me a shout and I will set you up!

    Andy…..shame on you for taking candid shots of my butt-flaps.

  3. Gord,
    Size 12 please. We will settle up when I get there. I wish I still had my plastic hat. We could have traded but you would have had to throw in a bottle of "The Captain".


  4. I have been reluctant to revisit the topic of Gord's ass. Those of you who are regular readers may recall Gord boasting about his ass being one of the nicest on Eagle Lake (see posts related to the 5/6/10 blog). I was skeptical about his claim at the time, but didn't want to make a big deal out of this. Perhaps his is the nicest–I really don't know.

    However, I was more than a bit surprised when he brought this topic up again while Andy and I were visiting VBL in early June. A group of us were sitting in the lodge one evening and, during a lull in conversation, he tells us that his doctor's nurse complimented him on his nice ass and said that it compared favorably to Richard Gere's ass.

    I'll never forget what he said next, "I always believed that I had a nice ass, so it's gratifying to know that it's finally getting the attention it deserves." I nearly congratulated Gord, but thought better of it with Susanne present. I was sensing a strong jealousy vibe that made me uncomfortable saying anything. Besides, the room was pretty quite at that point and most of us excused ourselves. It was a strange moment, for certain.

    Word is that Gord's ass will be on display during the Sunday night fish fry for the remainder of the season. Check it out for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

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