The slippery slope towards winter…

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Old man winter has settled his icy grip over Eagle Lake but the build-up to total ice-over always holds a magical fascination for some people.  Denial?  Rage against the ice?  Tomorrow will be soon enough?  Optimism that your  boat can double as an ice breaker, if needed, seems to have worked this year for Brent.  Their cabin in Favell Bay will prevail till the ice is thick enough for their next visit via snow-machine.

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Rather than leave off with this somewhat depressing message that winter is here, let’s reflect back on some of the more cheerful images from past seasons!

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I don’t know about you but I feel much better after revisiting “summer”.  While we deal with the upcoming winter months there is nothing better than reminiscing about time on the water, fish caught and walleye dinners shared!


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