Some Women Prefer Diamonds, But The Missus Prefers Big Fish

This laker made a big mistake.

The missus and I recently returned from a trip to VBL. The fishing was satisfying with a nice assortment of walleye, northern, lake trout and musky in the mix. Our trips usually include at least one day fishing the Trout Holes in the far western arm of Eagle Lake, where I’ve had the pleasure of catching or netting several 35 to 38 inch lakers. The one pictured went 31 inches–a nice fish, but not the giant the missus was looking for.

The missus does the catching and I do the holding.

Generally, we do not intentionally fish for musky. But, it’s not unusual to get bit. The missus got this nice 48 incher while trolling a weighted J-13 Rapala over some deep cabbage weeds. It was her biggest fish ever, which she fought perfectly.

Walleye spinners, crawlers and bottom-bouncers=fish.

The walleyes did not come easily this trip. But we caught our share, including this 26 incher which was released for a future encounter.

Clearwater Bounty
No trip to VBL is complete for us without a hike into Clearwater Lake. As you see, the pike and trout were cooperative. We thanked them profusely and then promptly dispatched these to the gunny sack.
Incidentally, Gord was in a unusually happy mood during our stay. Does anyone know what’s going on with him?

19 thoughts on “Some Women Prefer Diamonds, But The Missus Prefers Big Fish

  1. Very nice pictures professor. It looks like we will have to do a blog post of you holding other people’s musky? If I am not mistaken this looks like it was caught just a short distance from another nice musky you held for me during a spring fishing trip near the submerged rock that was quickly released?

    Gord is happiest when he is cleaning fish, drinking beer, and is not being subjected to second hand smoke. I think you found the perfect combination. If you had complied with the missus request for perch, you would have seen Gord’s happiness at a different level.

    1. Hi Andy…Your observation regarding the musky location is correct. This area now has produced four nice fish for my fishing partners.

  2. The missus might prefer a diamond, but we all know the Professor thinks a fish is more cost effective! On this we agree…. Just don’t tell Nancy she might have a choice in the matter…

  3. Professor,
    Here is an introduction to your post about posing with other people’s fish:
    Catching is the easy part. Putting my boat partners on fish, unselfishly letting them catch the big ones , and then accepting the challenge of netting these enormous esox masquinongy is where the real challenge comes in. It takes a very skillful net man to shout out instructions, and then carefully, very carefully, position the net in anticipation of these trophy fish. If all else fails, I simply, quietly, proclaim “you shouldn’t have horsed it”. If all goes well, I take all the glory the net man should get by posing with the fish. I am, after all, closer to the fish. Then, in the name of fish health, I quickly release the fish.
    I am now wondering…is it possible that Gord was happy because you also netted a very nice musky for him?

    1. My skills at handling the fish of my partners seem to be improving much faster than my skills at catching them. While I do my best to be cheerful about this, the situation is becoming a bit distressing.

      As for the “happy Gord” I encountered, I’m now thinking that this was some kind of freak behavioral experience–unlikely to be repeated by Gord in the future.

  4. You should have taken the wifey perching Professor…
    I think she would have enjoyed catching those tasty devils and Gord would have been more than happy to clen them for her.
    Tell ya one thing if I don’t see a VBL towel in my mailbox soon the tables will be full of perch.

    1. “Tell ya one thing if I don’t see a VBL towel in my mailbox soon the tables will be full of perch…………….”

      Maybe Andy will let you play with his towel……

    2. Perchmaster…You will be pleased to know that the missus received a pretty VBL towel from Gord and she absolutely loves it. It easily removes crawler and fish slime. Boogers, too.
      If you can’t get one from Gord, I suggest you ask Andy to send you a virtual towel.

  5. Here in the states the color pink is what the women like. You know kind of like those hidden pair of chaps I seen in your closet when getting a tour of the back part of the lodge.

  6. Kurt,

    Please find attached to this post a very nice VBL towel in the color of your choice. If you truly want it to be pink, more power to you. In fact, use this as your freak flag. Fly it proudly. However, now you have some “splaining” to do. What exactly were you doing nosing around in Gord’s closet in the back of the lodge?

    1. Let me intervene on behalf of the Perchmaster. How tangled this web has become. I will throw down an olive branch and say that the “special VBL towel” with the Perchmaster’s name on it, is safe and sound in the VBL vault…..awaiting his return in 2014. Also, if he would like to try on my pink leather chaps, he is more than welcome (although it will clash with his yellow beret). That’s just the “wow” service we strive for here at VBL….

  7. Let the flag wave on that olive branch. Just more evidence of VBL being a full service lodge. I think the Perchmaster is very deserving of one of these fine loin clothes. I hope you haven’t raised the bar too high.

  8. Let me get this post back on track and state the obvious. Both the missus and the trout look stunning? Can the professor come out and play now?

    I should note that the professors knees were knocking so badly during the netting of this musky that he returned home to have knee surgery. He is recovering nicely at home. Send him your best wishes.

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