Start of a new season….

The season is well underway.  May is just about done.  After a few trials and tribulations getting things opened up and working (seems this process is always full of surprises) I’m hoping for a bit of smooth sailing.  Here’s a few shots of the pre-opening and the post opening process….

6 thoughts on “Start of a new season….

  1. Gord/Susanne…Congratulations on opening for your 25th year of business at VBL–quite an achievement.

    And congrats, as well, to those anglers who caught some really nice fish last week. Though I found it curious that the Perchmaster and Mark were not featured with a pile of perch and case of Bud Light.

  2. It’s good to see the return of the Perchmaster and his trusty companion Mark. However, I too was disappointed in not seeing a reinactment of that vintage photo with those two and a sink full of perch. I believe that was a black and white photo taken with one of those old box cameras? I am hoping that the Professor and the missus can make that trip and prove that there are still perch to be had that are worthy of the perch rodeo.

    1. Hi Andy…I doubt the missus and I will head out to fish Perch in Bottle, although it’s tempting. Remember the trip when Mr. Clown joined us there for a Perch outing? I recall him saying that any halfway decent angler could catch a boatload without needing to try very hard. He was sure right about that. Perhaps the Perchmaster and Mark have tired of this sport in order to focus on big pike and lakers. But for them to abruptly walk away from the “Perch Rodeo” competition just doesn’t make sense.

  3. Andy,

    We have been known to present the “golden plunger ” award to a member of our group who has caused an epic plumbing emergency during the week in camp. So far my son has won the award each year. We need to put him on a ” less cheese , more beer ” diet.


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