Summertime, makes me feel fine…..

Well, its a new year and that means deer hunting is over and spring fishing seems a long way off. I find it helps me drift off to sleep on these cold winter nights if I think about the good fishing memories of the past year and imagine the season to come.

The highlight of every season is our annual trip to Eagle Lake and Vermilion Bay Lodge. If heaven is this good it’ll be worth the wait. Gord, Susanne and Mike made us feel like family from the first time we met them. Actually, they made us feel terrific. It seems though, that Gord has an oddly disturbing ability to make everybody think he’s Canada’s gift to the world. We knew this in earnest this year as we neared the town formerly known as Vermilion Bay.

Now, we all love Gord, but this is a bit much. Not withstanding Gord’s over developed ego (and under developed waistline), we once again were reminded why we are enamoured with Eagle as we pulled up to our first fishing spot.

Does anyone ever tire of scenery like this? And this is just above the water line. My wife could blow a million dollars on film while “we” fish Eagle. Thank God for digital cameras. Me, I’m still waiting for new Polaroid film, which I hear may be coming back. Still, I worry about Gord. No sooner do we return to the cabin after a morning on the water than he feels obliged to show off to my girls. “Look girls, no hands!”. Wow.

To be fair, they were impressed. But then again, warm Spaghettios make them positively giggle. I was less impressed. Despite Gord’s spin I still don’t much care for the “custom” look of my pick-up box. Oh well, maybe this year I will finally out fish the Silver Fox and pull him back to earth. If not, I’m putting concrete in his Sorels. Until then, “keep your stick on the ice”.

16 thoughts on “Summertime, makes me feel fine…..

  1. Welcome to the Electric Beaver Brad! As a new contributor we look forward to seeing pictures of past and future adventures at VBL! Anyone who likes quality fishing rods should check out Brad's website at

    Don't despair Brad……2011 will be the year you actually outfish your children. Now, outfishing me, that is out of the question!

  2. Great post Brad. Really enjoyed your take on Gord and yea naming the town after him would be a bit much. Way more than any of regulars could handle with his big ego already built in..
    Don't let this go to your rather large grape Gord…

  3. Teal River Brad…Welcome to the Electric Beaver. If it's abuse you're looking for, you came to the right place. As a token of my sincerity, I'd like to heep a little on right now.
    #1 Gord actually is Canada's gift to the rest of the world. He's got a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the prime minister to prove it. Plus, he's had his shots.

    #2 I was suprised with the title of your post. Didn't you really mean to say, "Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind"?

  4. No…..I believe it's "Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing the bug spray in my wine"….

    Pierre Elliot Trudeau.."Luck, that's when preparation and opportunity meet.." Now was he talking fishing, or something else……

  5. Seals and Croft would be the band!!! What did I win?

    Now Professor don't you think it is a little early in the year to be SUCKING up to Gord?
    I don't think it will help NO DISCOUNT for you!!

  6. Brad…welcome to the Beaver! I met you briefly at a sport show a few years ago. A previous VBL guest from Richland Center (Steve K.) raves about your rods. Let's leave it at that.

    It's fair to say that Gord has worn out his welcome in many parts of the world. Before he was run out on a rail in Gordon, Wisconsin he used to live in London. They loved Gord and named a road after him – Bastable Avenue. Please search google images by "Bastable Avenue" to see some of Gord's questionable old friends.

    Gord attempted to set up a toll road on Bastable Avenue to earn some cash and the natives grew restless. To this day, he still gets angry every time he has to cross the border and pay the paper mill fairy.

  7. Perchmaster… There is a big difference between "sucking-up" to Gord and simply praising him for his numerous accomplishments that would take an ordinary man several lifetimes to achieve.

    That this results in me receiving overly generous discounts of up to 75% is beside the point.

  8. I like to know what your doing for that 75% discount Joe.
    You of all people should know what sucking up is being your a professor I'm sure you have had a student or 2 in your time.
    And you are sucking up if your getting 75% discounts on your stay…

  9. Now fella's…..the Professor is obviously having flashbacks to the 70's. 75% discount is outrageous…. Perchmaster, cut the Prof some slack….too many doobies back when love was free has affected his later years sense of reality. That being said, I have been toying with the idea of 80% off on our 50th year of running the lodge….only 30 years to go (more or less) …..Hang in there!

  10. OK Gord I will cut the Professor some slack for now but it will cost him a couple of Canadian brews this spring. 80% off my bill in 30 years that would make me 80 years old and probably won't be able to drive that far.. HAHA!!!
    Maybe you can give me an advance discount?
    Not sure but the professor does not come across as the doobie kind of guy to me!!!
    Andy any comments?

  11. Actually the Professor was a Neil Young look-a-like till he was struck down with old age, trout waist and a rare skin malfunction that claimed his right hand and forced him to wear clown make-up during daylight hours. Other than that he is still the rebel doobie smoking hippie that he once was….though now the smoking bit has ceased and the hippie part has morphed into arthritic hips.

  12. Gord…You forgot to mention my prostate surgery and recent exorcism.
    Now, where was I? Oh yeah.
    I want to live
    I want to give
    I've been a miner for a heart of gold…
    And I'm getting old

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