The rest of the story Part 1 Eagle Lake

One walleye after another

One of many walleye on the trip between 22-25″

Mark with nice 25″er


Then there was a lot of these

Couple of walleye from the evening honey hole

Even a few perch at the evening honey hole

Some nice evening catch of walleye

As promised here are some pics and will post up some more pics later.
The fishing this year was better than the last 12 years of fishing in May for us out of VBL. Can’t say if it was the warmer weather and water or if it is just the slot program that is making Eagle lake fishing that much better or are we getting better, can’t say but we only had one slow day this year and that was Thursday and that was our fault we should have headed in another direction but decided to go where we pounded them early in the week.
Jigs in just about any bright color in 1/8th oz and Lindy rigs were working Gord even broke out the crayfish color jigs and was busting them on that so I guess if you got into them and stayed you could pound them pretty good.
We also trolled cranks and they produced walleye and lots of northerns.
Early May fishing at it’s best is all I can say as we made our 12th trip this year and as we learn more the fishing just seems to get better.
I am counting the day’s already till next May…
Hope you enjoy the pics and I will post more later.


3 thoughts on “The rest of the story Part 1 Eagle Lake

  1. Hi Kurt, GREAT pictures. It looks and sounds like you guys had the perfect trip. Ours is coming up but seems so far away. I think I will take out a ninty day loan just to make the time pass faster. Thanks for the post…..Bill

  2. Hey Bill
    I know you will have a great trip, and I know Gord can't wait for to get there to show him how to catch musky on those lures you had me bring up for him.
    You gotta maybe think about a May trip one of these years?

  3. These boys know how to fish. We spent a day fishing this same lake but the walleyes had moved on to different spots. We had a great day of bass fishing and also caught some walleyes and a few pike.

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