The week of June 10 – 17…..the bite is on!

Kerri Fenner with a 29 inch walleye……
……..and another nice fish………slot size?
The week had wind, rain, and a great rainbow!
Not all the fish were big. Steve struggles to hold up this pike………
First time for the fish house…..a sink full of crappie. The Anderson group went on a road trip to get these….
The dock area on a cloudy day.
Bob Carlson with a 12 1/4 inch perch. Is this the new “Perch Master”? Will this fish take the trophy? We’ll see what the next few months bring…..
A double rainbow over the boat house.
Part of the “Stroupe” group looking very fish-like……
Off to the highway………
Here’s the latest in hi-tech rain gear. Nice touch with the jacket over the crotch….. I thought ponchos were illegal in Canada……!
It sucks to be a squirrel trapped on top of the light pole….
Another look at Kerri’s walleye……..
Greg Walker with a 26 inch walleye……..
Steve Setter connects with a slot walleye……..nice.
We had a lot of wind this week……….yikes!


3 thoughts on “The week of June 10 – 17…..the bite is on!

  1. Some very nice fish! That one small “pike” looks more like a musky? Nice to see the perch bar getting set high and yet another species to fill the fish house sink.

  2. The fishing seems to be getting better. Very nice looking fish! To beat that perch will be a challenge but it is still early in the season.

  3. I am assuming the bite is still on, but inquiring minds want to know lots of things. Has Gord lost his mind with the loss of Bryce the dockmaster? Has anyone registered a 14″ perch? Has the winch on Clearwater actually been secured firmly to a tree with lag bolts? Have the seats on McGregor been duct tapped back to the bench? Has Billy Balinski returned to swim with the Muskies? Have the Bears returned to Carribou to huff gas fumes?

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