There is always a “first” at VBL

It’s been way too quite on the Electric Beaver. Before we are too hard on the Beav, let’s all recognize that Gord is likely hard at work, making many improvements for his 2016 guests.

Personally, I can say that I had two memorable trips to VBL. Both came close to not happening due to life events. On both trips, there were several first time encounters to be had.

48" Musky Madness Winner...caught on a crawler harness.
48″ Musky Madness Winner…caught on a crawler harness.

First there was the 48″ musky. The professor and I went out this morning casting for muskies and later trolling. Not a single follow and only a few small pike. We went in for lunch and then went out to chase some walleyes with crawler harnesses and bottom bouncers. The Professor played the role of the Rapala Extreme Net Man Gladiator. The full video can be found here:


This was the first fish caught. After a 23″ and a 23 1/2″ walleye, about an hour later, up came this monster:

29 1/2" fatty
29 1/2″ fatty

Another thank-you to my guide and trusty net man, the Professor. I believe this was a solid 10# fish which lived to see another day. Walleye, the movie, can be found here. Honestly, I thought I had another small musky:

We had our typical nice assortment of trout and whitefish along with a limit of pike.



But then there was this fish, caught while jigging for trout and whitefish. Has anyone else caught a lingcod/burbout at VBL? I had one follow a lure last year while up at the falls above the trout hole. Gord was all too eager to clean the slimy snake. Very tasty!



Gord cleans the slimy lingcod

In case you were wondering. The Professor didn’t go hungry. He caught his share of fish and left the nice ones for me.

The Professor Pike

Fish Sandwich

We were also pleased to make a return trip to Caribou Lake. The fishing was not as good as the spring, but we were pleased to find steel gas tanks that had not been ruptured by the Bears and caught our share of pike and small mouth bass.

Smallmouth Bass on Caribou


Thank you Gord and Susanne for another great year at Vermilion Bay Lodge!


3 thoughts on “There is always a “first” at VBL

  1. Hi Folks…Andy and I certainly enjoyed a great fishing trip while at VBL this fall (and nicely documented in this post by Andy). You’re seeing the bright side of this trip; there was a downside, too. Take a good look at the photo of Andy with his monster walleye. That huge smile on his face proved to be a painful problem because it lasted for close to 24 hours. It would not go away because Andy actually ruptured his jaw muscles during the very moment I netted that fish for him. Gord and I had to take him to the hospital in Dryden for emergency surgery to relieve the pain. Perhaps there is such a thing as too much fun.

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This is a first class resort located on Vermillion Bay on Eagle Lake. The cabins are very clean and well kept. The boats are new with new motors and are in great shape. The owner will also clean your fish for you after your day on the water. Make no mistake the fishing on Eagle Lake is world class.

The Lodge is owned by Gord and Susanne Bastable who will make you feel welcome and before you know it you feel like family. They are the best of hosts. The atmosphere is low key and laid back leading to a great vacation.

This is my 19th year of enjoying the hospitality of the lodge and i can’t think of going anywhere else on Eagle Lake.


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