There's a Muskie on my Roof!

lake trout for Mother’s Day. I will report back on my success or failure. Stay tuned…….]]>

11 thoughts on “There's a Muskie on my Roof!

  1. Stay home and build susanne her sauna for Mothers day! Or maybe she would settle for a hot tub on that new deck next to the fish house?


  2. I was thinking a trout dinner might be nice but you have a point on the sauna or hot tub. Believe me, that discussion has been on the top of the adjenda as of late.

  3. Hi Gord…A trout dinner will be very nice for Mother’s Day. It’s something the two of you can enjoy together. Go catch a nice one and fix it up special for the missus.

    The hot tub/sauna is a dangerous idea that will likely create trouble for your marriage. This issue rears it’s ugly head several times a year and the Bastables go into a tizzy, often for weeks at a time. It’s like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Who’s going to spend time on the planning and design? Who’s going to spend time building? Who’s going to spend time on maintenance? Who’s going to keep guys like Andy and I from trying to sneek in? God help you.

  4. I see the muskie pointing?
    The weathervane looks good.
    The demolition of the shed must have been easy?
    Chuck in toronto

  5. Gord – regarding the muskie on the roof that actually came from your brother in law AND SISTER IN LAW!!!!! (You may think she is only good for syringing out your ears, while in fact she is a true fisher person who only comes when it is 30 above or 3o below…)

  6. The weathervane looks good!!!!
    As for the Hot tub/ Sauna I myself have heard this conversation many times and in Gords defense the guest in May don’t want to see it.
    I think Gord has to look at all the cost and maint of this not to mention what ever other problems this will bring on.
    God I hope Susanne does not read this or I’m in for one long week in May.
    So this would be 1 vote NO for the addition of the hot tub sauna.
    You want to get her mind off the subject give her a bottle of wine and take her for a nice boat ride!!!!
    O’boy I’m done for now?
    Better stop now

  7. Perchmaster is doomed! Kind of like me not saying that the muskie-vane came from my brother & sister-in-law…John & LAURIE! Actually, I'm sure Laurie had the most to do with the selection of that particular item….very nice, thank you very much!!! I now owe her a bottle of wine and a sauna to drink it in. Now that I know none of the Wisconsin cheeseheads want to use the sauna in May, we're good to go!

  8. Perchmaster is doomed
    Kind of what I figured guess I will have to make sure I get her some good wine this year and keep it coming till the end of the week?

    Wisconsin cheeseheads want to use the sauna in May, we’re good to go!
    Picture this Matt in a speedo?
    Now are you sure you want this being built?

  9. How much water does a 400 pound guy displace if he was to sit in a hot tub? Probably all of it!

    Sadly, I have to report that Mother’s Day was trout-free……. After last spring who would have thought you couldn’t catch a trout on demand? That’s fishing…..keeps you humble.

  10. Mother’s Day Trout.
    These lake trout man, you just can’t expect a
    Perhaps that’s why they call it Fishin’ and not Catchin’…
    Chuck in Toronto

  11. Gord get’s SKUNKED first time out!!!!!!
    WOW now the master won’t be so COCKY for a few day’s.
    This time of the year the lake trout should be jumping in the boat.
    Maybe you should try the secret bait next time out Gord.
    Or pull out the ice auger and hit clearwater one last time?
    Hope Susanne does not go hungry till I get up there?

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