Twin Cities Fandango….

Well, it started out with getting stuck on the way down to the boat launch…….and you thought it was impossible! Scott, Wayne, Steve & Tim were up for their annual short trip (June 13-17), chasing the elusive Eagle Lake walleye. Not the success they have had in the past but Steve (top photo) and Scott (bottom photo) both caught their all time biggest walleyes this trip…26 inchers! With the cooler than normal water temps their “usual hotspot” was dormant. While the size was great, let’s hope for more normal conditions for their return in ’10. By the way, the “Walleye Highway” is starting to heat up. Terry from cabin #3 released a 27 incher yesterday (photos to follow) …….he and his dad did well on the walleyes today in 8 feet of water. Seems like we might be back on track!

Thanks for the photos……….

6 thoughts on “Twin Cities Fandango….

  1. Wow! the truck got stuck! What are the chances of that happening?Looks like the Walleye got stuck with a hook!
    Chuck in Toronto

  2. At first glance it appears that Scott, Wayne, Steve & Tim were so excited to go Walleye fishing that they ran the vehicle off the road. I wonder if they somehow had gotten information as to the location of the secret walleye cage that Gord has recently restocked, or was the culprit the amount of alcohol consumed prior to launching the boat.
    The only thing consumed in large plastic cups is adult beverages. (Note large red plastic cups in the pics) Gord is going to need to start a DUI checkpoint before letting guest attempt to navigate the road to the boat ramp. Judging from the Walleye it seems it did not affect their ability to catch the lunkers.
    Gord was your little Toyota enough to pull them out, or did the professor pull it out with his man glove?

  3. I don't believe alchohol was the culprit……perhaps an all night drive was responsible. The scary part is that Scott who was driving is a Mpls police officer. I suggested he lay off the high speed chases from now on.

    Yes, the "man truck" pulled it out no problem. However, had the professor been in camp I'm sure his bionic limb would have made short work of the situation.

    Good eye for spotting the red cup Neil. Tim was fortifying himself…..

  4. Did you happen to notice that Steve and Scott are also sporting bionic blue hands? The professors just returned from a warm up walleye fishing week and I have a rather disturbing update on bionic limbs. I will post soon.


  5. I just noticed something about the nice Twin Cities Fandango pictures…the Packers T-shirt. We all know the Vikings are desperate for a quarterback, but are they moving the whole Packers team to the Twin Cities?

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