Walleye Madness Week, 2010……

The 5th annual “Walleye Madness Week” was held during the week of July 24th, here at VBL. Good weather, good fishing, fine folk…….and a good time had by all! Pictured above was a mid-week shore lunch hosted by the “Dick’s”.

Even Susanne had a chance to get involved. Here’s a nice slot sized fish (25 points) that was caught trolling a Rapala in 12 feet of water near the “Straights of Gull Isle”.
The Thursday night awards night and pot luck was a highlight of the week. Bruce and Sally Rasmussen seem rather pleased with the LCBO gift pack. Finally a beer big enough for Bruce!

Connor Anderson was the youngest angler who entered a fish into the competition. Way to go!
The coveted Walleye Madness lodge trophy which has the archives of competitions past. The take home trophy was a nice hand carved walleye plaque done by Toronto artist Charles Weiss.
The husband – wife team of Dan Kornelyk (Honorary Dick) and Joan (No Dick) took 1st and 2nd place for largest walleyes released………26 and 25 inches. Good work Joan & Dan!

Overall winner, Mary Keller (Bride of Big Dick) with 224 points, holding the official tally sheet. Mary took home a nice St. Croix rod and hand carved Chuck Weiss walleye. In second place with 175 points was Joan Korneylk. Both Mary and Joan get their names engraved on the VBL lodge trophy………way to go ladies!

What happened to the men in the competition? Of course, the Professors, are not up to the rigorous challenge of a mid summer competition, and prefer the much easier deep water bite. Well, maybe they will muster the courage for next year!?!
Some noteworthy men did receive recognition. Merv “It’s all bullshit” Anderson was awarded “Most Improved Angler” by actually catching some walleye this year! Well done Mervin!! Bad Dick Buchie was the winner of special “Shorty” pliers and a “King Rat” lure for his outstanding catch of a 9 inch perch. Congratulations on landing that lunker!

We look forward to the last week in July, 2011 for the 6th Annual Walleye Madness Week……..See you there!

6 thoughts on “Walleye Madness Week, 2010……

  1. Gord,

    The Professors were tired of taking hundreds of photos to prove that we could actually catch that many fish. We figured it was time to spread the wealth. However, after hearing about the St. Croix rod, our plans could change next year. Is that a permanant addition?

    And yes, its hard not to like catching hundreds of walleye in August. I guess I should be posting this comment on one of the competitors web sites that have been known to exagerate?


  2. Hi Gord…Might I suggest awarding a St. Croix Legend Elite Tournament Walleye Rod, preferably the "heavy bouncer" model. These are a bit pricy, otherwise the missus would have purchased one for me by now. I wouldn't be opposed to winning it, however. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Well first off Congrats to the winners…
    Now Gord my friend you look like you have put on a few pounds since May, you seem to be looking a little puffy…
    Once again in the pics of the walleye madness week Gord again looks like he was on a 3 day runner in town.
    Hery Susanne nice hat!!!!!

  4. Yes, the quality of prizes has skyrocketed once we moved to a more "skill oriented" competition!

    Perchmaster…….your comments have been noted. Perhaps it was the water retention brought on by higher summer temps that have left me "puffy looking". Could be stress too…..the duties as master of ceremony plus tournament judge would kill an ordinary man. Never mind the fish cleaning, keeping law and order on the lake, etc……

  5. Well not sure if it is water retention but it might be beer retention?
    Just giving you crap Gord sometimes and most often when people have there picture taken they look different, in other word some people just photograph very well and I know I'm one of them. Not saying you are but don't take it that I am making it sound like your getting FAT….
    Thought we would get a comment from Susanne on the nice hat?

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