Warning…..look no further!!!!!

I warned you now, didn’t I….. Good thing my hat fits both heads! O.K. the theme of this post is the new sauna……shorts are mandatory.

18 thoughts on “Warning…..look no further!!!!!

  1. Thank the good Lord you posted this well after supper time. Throw up is really hard to clean out of a keyboard.

    Just ain't right man…just ain't right!

  2. It's difficult to tell from this angle, but I'm willing to speculate that Gord may well have one of the nicest asses on Eagle Lake.

  3. I just got done eating 3/4lb of perch filets and frys and yup it all over my key board. I can't even think straight now…..
    In short CANCEL my reservations I'm going to the lodge over in the the bay across the way….
    Think Dustin said it best
    "Just ain't right man…just ain't right!"
    I am at lost for words I think my membership for this blog will NOT be renewed!!!!!!!
    I'm damaged for life now

  4. Two questions arise. Is that a Molson's keg from which you are exiting? And is this where the term "ball cap" originated?


  5. Gord…Your comment below this photo gives new meaning to the point that "two heads are better than one".

  6. Wish I could delete that picture I am having NIGHTMARES….
    Every time I come to the blog I have to see the vision of Gord coming out of that keg.
    Just not right……

  7. I did not find the photo of "Nature Boy Bastable" to be the least bit disturbing. More thought-provoking than anything else. But now I'm left wondering…is a "head in the hand worth more than two in a bush"?

  8. Gord said…
    Wow…the tribe is pretty silent! This picture must have been more disturbing than I thought!

    Hey put your grey haired ass in our chair and how would you feel looking at your wrinkled grey haired bod?
    Silent my ass!!!!!!

  9. Not sure why no reaction, perhaps there is a computer problem on my end of things? Or have I traumatized you bloggers out there?

  10. O.K., now I have verified that I have been having computer problems and the only comment I was seeing was Dustin's. I missed out on all the nasty things you have been saying about me…..with the exception of the Professor who seems to appreciate the fact that while I may not be the biggest "ass" on Eagle Lake (we know who that is), I may very well have the "best ass" on the lake!

  11. Any news on when we will see pictures of Susanne and Marge exited the sauna in only their mandatory shorts? That might settle the Perchmaster down a bit.

  12. Any news on when we will see pictures of Susanne and Marge exited the sauna in only their mandatory shorts? That might settle the Perchmaster down a bit.

    Who is this Anonymous person Gord?
    He must know me?

    That will be next guy's Gord the ass and his sidekick come out of the closet next….
    I don't understand why you of all people would be having issues viewing these comments, you will find out how I feel when I have a camp fire one night with the wood from this so cold heater

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Thank you very much for making my get a way week so enjoyable. Dan and I had a great time. You and Susanne should be commended on how clean and well maintained your cabins and lodge are. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking to go to Canada fishing and I look forward to the time I can come back.

Jody Hansen

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