What a difference a day makes!

It was looking grim for opening day…….not for the faint of heart. Things have turned around in 24 hours and the outlook looks great into next week.

11 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes!

  1. Boy does that opening day picture bring back some memories!!!!!
    Guess it will be safe to say that someone won’t have flowers in when we arrive Saturday?
    See you Saturday!!!!!

  2. Gord,

    What size auger would you recommend bringing?

    I know you like to make fun of the Professor’s artificial limb, but it was exactly this kind of weather that led to the frostbite and removal of his hand. I kind of like catching boat loads of walleye in the middle of August.


  3. Easy now, this was supposed to be the Professor’s little secret. We all remember the High school experiments where objects were dipped in liquid nitrogen only to shatter like glass. It was the cold temperatures that froze the hand. It was an “unknown” incident that caused the shattering of the hand. Always one to turn lemons into lemonaid, the professor now looks at his green glove hand as a conversation starter.

  4. Hey Gord how about a fishing report?
    Gotta believe you got time to get out if you don’t mind getting a little CHILL in them bones of your!!!
    I don’t want to have to all the fish hunting when I get there!!!

  5. Stay away from the spot and if I could edit I would delete you post!!!!!!
    That is a spot to stay away from if you know what is good for you?
    Nevermind you don’t know how to fish that spot anyways.

  6. Calm yourself Perchmaster…….I have removed my reference to the secret spot. It shall remain confidential…….although I can see it when I look out the window….!!!

  7. Gord,

    Please post a picture of a sink full of perch after the Perchmmaster has arrived! It would give me great pleasure.


  8. Perchmaster…you may be right, but we hit them pretty good last year the week of May 30’th. Thanks to your tips! There is another pretty good spot just to the left of the entrance to the river going up to Clearwater that would be worth trying. I’m anxious to see some early season photos.


  9. Did not check that spot out Andy water was just way to cold this year to perch fish.
    I would guess the best perching is about 2 weeks off yet if they get some warm weather one of these day's.

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