What does it mean?

While tromping through the bush I came across this interesting rock pile. It is basically one large flat rock being held up by a long, narrow rock. It is hard to tell from the pics but the big rock is likely over a hundred and fifty pounds and the narrow one maybe fifty pounds. I’m thinking it would have been difficult to maneuver them into this position if, for some strange reason, you had an inkling to do so. The real bizarre thing is this rock pile is way back behind the lodge in the middle of nowhere! It was a bit of a coronary inducer to get back there on snowshoes. My theory is that at one time these rocks were this link entwined in the roots of a tree which was blown over in a windstorm (very common on these rocky areas). The result was this unusual formation. The tree has long since disappeared. On the other hand perhaps the original Ojibway inhabitants around Eagle Lake had a special purpose for this, or they were just goofing around. Perhaps it was a bear looking for bugs. Who really knows? What is your theory?

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  1. Went on the circle tour with Gord & Susanne and spent time studing this natural formation, if indeed it is natural,and conclude it is a pre-historic rabbit trap. Certainly Elmer Fude would be proud of this invention. Enjoyed the walk thru this beautiful land and while extremely tired after plowing thru the snow we do feel better for it.

  2. Gord, I like your theory. However, I am inclined to go with the forces of the freeze/thaw cycle. In other words ice could have heaved both stones, upwards. When the ice thawed, the stones came to wrest upon themselves. On the other hand, perhaps rocks have the same desire to mate. I would try spraying them down with some cold water and see if they seperate?

  3. Hi Gord…I must say that you had me goin’ for a while there by describing your “theory” and then asking people to offer up one of their own. I startred thinking about how the rocks came together. Then I realized I was suckered. Folks, Gord is up to his old tricks again, this time playing with our minds in the hope of generating traffic on the “Electric Beaver”. My theory is that Gord sees some rocks, places them together at an “unusual angle”, and then gives us some baloney as to how this “might” have happened. Gord has come down with cabin fever a little early this year.

  4. The long, long cold hard Canadian Winter is effecting everything. These rocks are huddling together. Perhaps in a crude manner?

    Chuck the photo of photos

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On behalf of the Boyes Group, I would like to pass on our sincere thanks for hosting the Muskie Madness Week and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at VBL and had a great time!! This was our 7th year on Eagle Lake and we have stayed at a few other lodges but VBL takes the cake hands down! You can definitely count us in for next year. I’m happy to see you post some of my pics, they turned out well. Thanks again Gord for a wonderful week of fishing and your stellar hospitality, you run a first class operation, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Trevor Benner

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