Wild Bill

On Sunday morning Susanne and I took a cup of coffee out to the Walleye Highway and did a bit of trolling. Susanne hooked into “Wild Bill” who fought like a mad man but we finally managed to get him into the plastic tub.

That afternoon the MNR biologists came out to tag the fish and implant a transponder.

They had a good audience with the folk that were out for the first VBL Sunday night fish fry.
All went well and “Wild Bill” was successfully released after a short nap.

Thanks to the ladies from the MNR (Jill, Dorothy & Irene) in Dryden for spending part of their Sunday with Wild Bill. A future Conservation Officer shown in front.

10 thoughts on “Wild Bill

  1. Hey! That's exciting news!
    I like the documenting of the re-capture of "Wild Bill" . That zany laker, you never know where he'll be next? I'm glad Suzanne had the challenge of successfully bringing him to the boat.

  2. Well Charles you know Gord can't catch fish unless we show him how…
    Where is the rest of the opening week-end fishing report?

  3. Perchmaster…….experience life for yourself. Get out there and fish. Write a report. It's all good. You missed a fantastic opening week by the way.

  4. OK so what your saying is when I experiance something on one of my outing I should not give you any info and keep it to myself for you to figure it out?
    I might have missed a great opener but I will be there Friday evening and Saturday will be pounding the waters of Eagle….
    There will be many sore lipped fish by weeks end..

  5. Perchmaster…I can understand your frustration with Gord, but I urge you to be patient with him.
    It is an emotionally difficult time for Gord with the start-up of the new season. This means guests and guests mean work. And that makes him a bit cranky and irritable. Try to remember that he's doing his best and by October he will be fine again. The good news is that Susanne's charming personality will more than make up for whatever Gord lacks.

    Andy and I arrive on Saturday and we will certainly share reports with you. See you then.

  6. Professor
    Will have a day's fishing in by Saturday and don't make excuses for the 'CRANKY OLD BASTABLE"
    He works what 4 months out of the year….
    He is never happy unless your feeding him snacks and beer..
    Dustin will do on the report when I get back home hope to have LOTS of pics for you.

  7. It is not "cranky", it is that "backwoods charm" that you normally only find in only the real exclusive resorts. Not to be confused with the "old world feel" that some promote, VBL specializes in that "crusty edge" that makes you feel right at home. Besides, once June rolls around and the more "normal" guests start arriving, I usually return to my alluring, charming self.

  8. Garlic ring man hopes that Gord is less cranky in June. The fishing will hopefully make up for it maybe I should bring beer instead of garlic rings that might cheer him up.

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