Winter doldrums…

There was some talk of maybe ice fishing today but the morning temperature of minus 27 Celsius with a forecasted NW wind gusting up to 50 km’s doesn’t seem to inspire me.  Back in “the day” I would probably have been more gung ho.  As it is I put some clothes on and ventured outside to take these pictures of the camp as it looks today.  Frozen comes to mind…

As a contrast it was just a week or so ago that Susanne and I were cruising through Panama and Costa Rica.  Here’s my buddy from the rain forest…

Finally someone with a bigger nose than mine!

Back in January I did get a chance to drill a few holes and came up with this lonely pike….his lucky day since he was slightly too large to be legal.

While things are at a bit of a standstill with the weather we have still been able to get on the snowshoe trails with the dogs.  Thoughts of summer projects are being contemplated and reservations are being made.  We still have a few openings in the last half of June by the way…you may want to jump on that if you are contemplating a June fishing trip.  Don’t rule out May either for a chance at some shallow lake trout too.

Off in Toronto, Charles Weiss has been busy getting the trophies carved for the Walleye and Musky Madness weeks, plus the Perch Rodeo.  Here’s one being whittled…

Perch or Walleye?

The winter doldrums will soon become the spring opener.  Time to make some plans if you haven’t already done so!

5 thoughts on “Winter doldrums…

  1. The perch trophy looks great! Can I exchange the plaques I won in 2015 and 2016 for one of these new carved trophies?

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