More Winter at VBL……..and a flashback to summer.


It’s Monday morning and it’s raining.  Not a usual February weather pattern, but we’re “suffering” through five days of above normal temperatures.  The forecast calls for a return to more seasonal temperature which is good if you like to ice fish and travel on the lakes.  Here’s a shot of snow conditions a few days ago before the warm spell…

As you can see I’ve figured out the “panorama” setting on my cell phone camera.  In this shot if you look way over to the right you might catch a glimpse of cabin 5.  This is our smallest cabin, and while it had two bedrooms and theoretically would sleep 4, it was mainly used for two people.  Renovations are taking place to turn it into a one bedroom (3 bed) cabin which will create a bit more room and allow for some general upgrades to the interior such as new windows,  nicer bedroom wall paneling, etc.  Here’s some shots showing the work in progress….

As you can see I am still in my “demolition phase” on this project.  Stayed tuned for future developments!

It hasn’t all been work though.  On Saturday Susanne and I gave the perch hole a try.  Alas the perch were not cooperative but this nice lake trout gave S. a good tussle.




Lake trout in the canning process…good stuff!

In an unrelated but eerily significant matter, I came across an interesting video which brought back many memories of camp life.  In my role as “camp counselor”, I am often called upon to visit the odd group of anglers in their cabins….often in the morning I will bring tidings of good cheer and encouragement.   Some say I may be looking for coffee or breakfast, but that is another story.  All I can say, is that after a hard day of fishing many anglers find it hard to leap from the sheets.  Many a time I’ve entered a cabin to a scene very similar to the one you can view below.  Without naming names, I’m sure you will recognize your fishing partner in this video……if not visually (although one looks disturbingly similar to Andy Lewis), perhaps by the sounds and smells…..

11 thoughts on “More Winter at VBL……..and a flashback to summer.

    1. Andy… Although I didn’t actually see you in the video, the audio gave you away. Those sounds are unmistakeable and have serenaded me to sleep on dozens of nights. So comforting after a hard day on the water.

      Gord…You are to be commended for the Cabin 5 upgrade. The inclusion of larger beds is something I have looked forward to for many years now.

      Friends…I’d like to share a little history with you. Before Gord and Susanne bought the camp it was known as Little Norway. This was primarily because of the size of Cabin 5. Back in the day, many Norweigens were rather small people, almost dwarf-like. The beds in Cabin 5 were designed for them. Now, I’m 6’1″ tall and the mattresses were so short that my legs dangled off the end from about my knees to toes. It was rediculous, but Gord typically put me in this cabin even though he knew it bothered me. That cabin’s damn toilet was only 8″ high, and trying to get off the seat sometimes required me to ask Andy for help–he bitched about this a lot.

      I think you can understand why these improvements are so meaningful to me. The missus and I will be staying in this newly renovated cabin the first week of June. You can count on me to provide a complete review of the cabin after our stay.

  1. Nice work on the cabin! Looks like you are surviving well…although the video may give a glimpse into your sanity cracking…

  2. Well I must say Gord, Susanne sure does seem to out fish way to much.
    Looks like retirement is doing you well Susanne.
    You are not even close to the perch hole Gord
    Maybe we will show you it in May

  3. Professor,

    I understand your relief in having a couple of amenity upgrades when it comes to the washroom. I have been lobbying for Gord to get rid of the coin operated lock on the washroom in Cabin 3 for a couple of years now,but alas, no such luck yet. It is wearisome to have your checked baggage for a flight be overweight due to all of the extra coinage I have to bring along for a group on a week long visit. I guess I’ll have to take a survey of every member’s bathroom habits to minimize the amount of US currency I have to bring this year…..big sigh …….


    1. PJ…You’ll be pleased to know that the problematic coin operated Cabin 3 bathroom has been “modernized” due to customer complaints such as yours. Last fall, Gord installed a credit card chip reader to make using the bathroom much easier–no price increase either.

      1. This is great news. With no extra fees for overweight luggage, I’ll be able to cover at least one of those outrageous $50.00 blockage fees that are charged. I really don’t mind paying a fee for a toilet being stopped up,but I shouldn’t have to be on the operating end of the plunger. Now that I think about it, I’m calling double doo doo on paying for a blockage fee this summer unless Gord is sweating over that hopper himself.

        We should join forces on this matter. Are you with me ?????


  4. Gord, I’m pleased to see the renovations to Cabin 5, particularly the beds, windows, and toilet! Can’t believe Joe and I have been customers for nearly 25 years and look forward to celebrating VBLs 25th Anniversary this June!

    1. Count me out on this, PJ. Now that I’m used to doing my business outdoors, this is not an issue. However, I suggest you connect with another VBL guest, Marge. She’s in camp every summer with family members and they are notorious for “toilet blockage”. Gord has blown a gasket more than once with this crew.

      1. Now I know where the high fees originated from. These events must be epic in nature as it takes quite a bit to get Gord riled up Except for when guests, who will remain unnamed, put an Eelpout Guide Service sign on the road coming into camp last season. That may have had some ass chapping potential


  5. Thank you to all who have responded positively to the renovations in cabin 5. Sadly the Norwegian style beds are no more, although it should be known that Joe suffers from a rare and somewhat debilitating limb disorder. His legs are proportionally 80% of his body mass, hence the difficulty using a normal bed or toilet. I often catch him coming back from the woods where he prefers to do “his business”. Coincidently, the weeks that Joe is in camp sightings of Sasquatch seem to sky rocket………believe it or not!

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Thank you very much for making my get a way week so enjoyable. Dan and I had a great time. You and Susanne should be commended on how clean and well maintained your cabins and lodge are. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking to go to Canada fishing and I look forward to the time I can come back.

Jody Hansen

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