2020 Ice Out Update 1.0

Morning of March 29, 2020

The past few days have seen some dramatic changes with warming temperatures and sunny days. The gulls on Gullrock have been back for several days now, and hearing their squawking is actually a welcomed sound. It seems that while the news and current events are out of whack, nature has it’s own timetable. Speaking of a timetable here’s a shot of the 14 day forecast…

Here’s a shot from the afternoon…..starting to show ice on the lake and in the creek…

Spring of 2020

We are quite fortunate to have this as our home. Self isolation isn’t too bad when you have lot’s of “stuff” to do anyways…..here’s a few things that have been going on this week…

Getting the ceiling tiles up on the cabin 8 renovation with the goal of being ready for opening.
It’s a good time of year to collect some dry pine. Back in the “day”, before the advent of horses, women were often used to haul heavy loads out of the bush. Some things never change!
Of course someone needs to supervise the operation.
A bit of ice fishing.
Susanne, the multispecies angler.
It was a bit windy a few days ago…
We did catch some small ones for dinner!
A handy gadget for toasting sandwiches over an open fire.
Down at the boathouse yesterday.

We are rapidly heading into spring, that’s for certain! Even though a lot is “up in the air” right now we are hopeful that things will begin to turn around in the coming weeks. Till then send in your ice out guess if you haven’t already, and stay healthy. To that end I submit a short video by Cowboy Kent Rollins on some traditional means of boosting your immune system! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWkCLK2Sf_g&t=308s

9 thoughts on “2020 Ice Out Update 1.0

  1. Thanks for the update! Love it. Rumor has it that Canada is building a wall to keep us out and that we are going to pay for it?

    1. No, Andy. Someone is giving you bad info. A wall is not in the cards for this year because of a shortage of building materials. However, it now seems certain that a heavy-duty bead curtain will be planned and designed to keep US riff-raff out of Canada. This likely includes us.

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