A trek back to Caribou Lake…


One of many nice bass Andy catches.


There’s easy portage lakes, and then there’s Caribou Lake.  Four portages, a row boat ride across Otter lake, seasoned with black flies and mud……..a healthy 2 hour work-out.  In the end the timing was right, and it was the best fishing I’ve had in all the trips I’ve made back there.  Here’s a bit of the action…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHqGUDZlc_E&feature=youtube_gdata

7 thoughts on “A trek back to Caribou Lake…

  1. Perchmaster,

    I can assure you that you had an excellent virtual fishing week. When you send Gord his virtual check, be sure to include a healthy tip.

    I should also say that the beaver proved to be an excellent shore lunch. Gordon is a little over protective of the fishery in Caribou.


  2. Perchmaster,

    The lake levels are actually up. The professor had no issues with getting up the creek. In fact there were 5-6 other boats in there. Much easier than last fall. Nice mix of walleyes and perch.

  3. Perchmaster,

    While we rented a number of fish during our stay….most went back into the lake. We did keep a limit of “eater” walleyes, some perch, pike, and trout. I suspect everyone is too busy catching fish. I will try to add a few more posts this week.

    One post will focus on a new technique that the professor and I perfected near a landmark you might recognize. We figured out that the walleye loved a trolling pattern in the shape of an octagon. While our GPS was handy in laying out an octagonal route, we found that we often rounded the corners and that yielded similar results.


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