On the Map!

It turns out that the “Perchmaster” map was very effective! A good time was had by all and Mr. Binky is no worse for wear.  A live-well full of walleye and perch….thanks to Kurt’s hot spot. Seriously, we wish you were here.

photo (6)

photo (10)

Clearwater was productive as always. Lot’s of lake trout and pike to be had by all.


The Professor exhibits his one hand fishing glove pose.

photo (7)

photo (12)

After a nice day of catching pike and lake trout, we closed out the day with a 33” laker trolling out of portage bay on Eagle lake. A real line screamer.

photo (3)

And Mr. Binky is home safe and sound.


After a good night’s sleep, Mr. Binky provided guide service to the Perchmaster’s favorite walleye spot. What is that point behind Mr. Binky?

photo (8)

This top secret spot yielded lots of tasty walleyes.

joes walleye

Mr. Binky was so pleased to be free, he even helped Gord fillet perch.

photo (13)

6 thoughts on “On the Map!

    1. I’m with you Teal these guys are sleeping with Binky on top of it.
      So guys not bad on the perch I guess. I am a little dissapointed in such a small pile of perch.
      As for the spot behind Binky I am thinking I have to call “BULLSHIT”.
      I don’t think you guys caught any fish in this area!!!!
      You want to see some “BULL PERCH” check out your story before this a nice picture showed up on that post.
      The Perchmaster sits with envy for now…..

  1. Great stuff….but the clown is a bit creepy!

    Sorry I wasn’t this year to meet the Professor in person, but glad someone is enjoying some early season Lakers!

    Anyone made the trek back that lake way out for smallies?


  2. Dustin…the “way out lake” produced over 150 smallies for us. Lots of beautiful pike as well. The B-movie, sans Binkie, is being produced as we speak. That day, finished with a lovely dinner on Mitchell Island was very memorable.


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