Chuck’s Eagle Lake Muskie!

The artist…Charles Weiss…finally connects on an Eagle Lake musky.  Photos by Chuck and Diane.  Commentary by Gord…….


A precursor to musky catching………the fabled “musky weed”





Caught on a Panther Martin (they still make those things?)…the biggest blade #28….photos courtesy of Diane.  42 inches of finned fury……caught in Vermilion Bay.  Congratulations Chuck on a nice fish and good release!

13 thoughts on “Chuck’s Eagle Lake Muskie!

  1. Atta Boy Charles. That is one less musky in Eagle Lake that will be going to bed hungry. Panther Martin spinners by the way are deadly trout catchers….I didn’t know they made one this big.

  2. They said it couldn’t be done. They said he would never do it. They said he was cursed by the fish gods. They were wrong.

    Folks, this is a remarkable achievement and serves as a perfect example as to why we should not doubt a man who “believes he can”.

  3. Charles….now it is up to you to prove this wasn’t a once in a lifetime opportunity. Eagle Lake is one of the best places to test that theory. I would suggest catching Walter….the musky that broke Gord’s heart and spirit two years ago.

  4. Gord,

    I think you should do a re-enactment of that sad day as part or your musky madness festivities? Perchmaster….it’s not too late. I am sneaking back to VBL the third week of August. The Professor wants me to work hard at experiencing what it is like to be retired and I owe my son a fishing trip. Captain Billy might join me, but he has his left arm in a sling from a bad bike accident. I figure that could be ideal. He could just hold the rod in his right hand and then hand me his rod every time he gets a fish?

    1. Andy…….did you ever send the Perchmaster the pictures of all the virtual fish he caught? If not, you could add the ones from August and combine them into a virtual photo album. You could title it “Memories of when I used to fish” !

      I like the idea of Bill handing off the rod. Hopefully he’s still fit enough to mix cocktails après fishing.

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