Clearwater Lake….All to ourselves!

As some of you know, in low water conditions, VBL guests are the only ones who can access Clearwater lake via a short portage. In high water years, just about anyone in a small boat can navigate the 100 plus turns to get to the lake.

Well Gord has been researching the problem with human antibiotics passing through our systems, into the sewage treatement plants, and then into our lakes. The winters are long in Canada and Gord has way too much time to scheme. He began thinking…what if I were to start ingesting large quantities of steroids like Mark McGuire, consume mass quantaties of beer, and then expell them into the lake? Wouldn’t that make the fish grow bigger? Better yet, wouldn’t the beavers grow large and prevent others from fishing Clearwater lake. So….here is what you can expect to experience if you go up the river in 2010 to Clearwater lake:

10 thoughts on “Clearwater Lake….All to ourselves!

  1. I will never forget my first trip up the creek to Clearwater Lake it was a great time and I enjoy it everytime.
    As for that short portage it will kill you if your out of shape right Gord?

  2. One of Gord's competitors refers to this as the "death march". Its really only a 20 minute walk. It has been bad after a heavy rain, but it is actually a pretty nice walk (accept when you are hauling back a gunny sack full of whitefish and lake trout! How do you like the cloud formations in the photo's above. I should have given a photo credit to Bill P. The clouds and reflections were incredible on this trip.


  3. Good Lookin'Scenery!
    The search for big fish is always fun.
    Big fish are always rare.
    Unfortunately GORD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BIG FISH. It's up to the guests to catch big fish.
    Charles in Toronto

  4. Wow, Andy, you've been busy as an Electric Beaver! Very nice cloud pictures! Is that Joe Moskal at the helm of one of MY boats, ripping wide open up that hazard filled creek? Not a care in the world!

    On a more serious note, one of the factors in creating seclusion on this particular lake is the number of beaver dams on the creek. The more dams, the harder the trip…especially for some of the bigger boats. Over the past many years the local trapper has pretty much kept the population low. I have it from a good source that there will be no trapping in this area this winter. Andy's fantasy might be coming true!

  5. Gord,

    No worries….Big John was anchoring the bow and the draft was about 6". Of course the professor claims to know every stump in this river. I forgot to mention that the competitor that refers to the portage as the "death march" no longer has boats on this lake. Gord's the only one with boats on the lake.

  6. Is that Joe Moskal at the helm of one of MY boats, ripping wide open up that hazard filled creek? Not a care in the world!
    I know you own the boats but this coming from the guy that rips through the creek like it is open water till he pops the prop off when he barrels over a log….

    HAHAHA!!!! Had to do it Gord.
    Yes when one does this ride it has hazzards and you must be careful.
    Is a great scenic ride and you have to try and enjoy it and nothing would kill the trip more than busting one of Gords props off…

  7. I think Gord did a little more damage then just breakikng his prop on that trip. If the seasoned pros can have problems with this trip, its just a good warning for all. Perhaps Gord should have a post dedicated to that fatefull day when he had to be rescued by the fur trader? Eagle Lake is a huge body of water and if you are venturing out of the immediate bay, this is a good reminder that you should let people know where you are headed. For Perchmaster….that may mean leaving coordinates to his top secret hole?

  8. The last two years Gord, Buck, and I removed dozens of beer and pop cans left at the bottom of the creek by idiots. Maybe we can have 6' poles with ring shank nails at the lodge for anybody making this journey. No catch and release here.

  9. NewMexicam,

    That is an excellent idea. And, this brings up another point to clarify. I enjoy drinking a few beers after fishing as much as anybody. However, as I understand it, it is illegal to drink and boat in Canada. I have a gut feeling about the lodges that likely tolerate this, but that would be something relatively easy to enforce? Why anyone would litter in this environment is beyond comprehension.

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