Dredging the creek….

There’s only one way to improve the docking…

…when the water is low.  I posted these pictures a while back but due to technical issues the post was lost.  Anyhow, this past October we finally bit the bullet and did a bit of digging to enhance our docking areas.  By the way, don’t attempt this without all the proper permits (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ministry of Natural Resources, VBL checkbook).

dredging creek at vermilion bay lodge
Everything dredged up needed to be hauled down the road.


dock dredging

The results might be hard to show…

…the pictures don’t really tell the whole story.  At least two dozen truck loads of sand, muck, logs and loon shit were pulled from the docking areas.  In the after shot you might notice the spit of land at the corner has been removed….more docking potential on the floating docks.  Getting things back in shape next spring might involve adding a few more dock fingers and some shore work…..we’ll see.

Some other fall projects that happened…


cabin upgrade
Metal roof on cabin six.


New roof on cabin five.
new garage roofing
New garage roofing.




12 thoughts on “Dredging the creek….

  1. Gord …Did the dredging project dig up that pair of pricy sunglasses that fell off your face at the end of the dock many years back. That was a sad day; it took me the better part of a morning to console you with glass-after-glass of tawny port.

    1. Joe…..I’m sure my sunglasses were in one of those many loads of muck that was hauled out that day………..along with the many two way radios and other detritus that I have witnessed falling in over the years. Unfortunately we were unable to recover your fish-net stockings and garter belt that Nancy lost several years back………

  2. The historic Christmas photo seems to indicate docks on the lake rather than the creek….likely the same low water conditions?

  3. Gord,

    It’s starting to sound like the Perchmaster will have a difficult time getting to his hot spot? Last fall it was a challenge getting back there.

  4. Docks are nice but they are just a means to an end. We need a report. In the Lewie rig tradition I am intrigued by the following Perch rigs. Kurt have you tried either?

    Or the perch picker at cabelas.com

  5. No Andy I have not and I don’t think you would want to try that the way Mark and I fish them cause it would maybe turn into a mess in more ways than you could think.
    Besides when you get into a school you can’t sling em in the boat fast enough much less playing around with a double rig.

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