Eagle Lake Ice Out: Update #6

Breaking News:  Eagle Lake Ice Out Imminent!

(*For the folk from Wisconsin, imminent is not an illegal alien, but simply means “soon”)

A west wind has cleared half the bay as of this a.m.
Ice pack stretching from Round Island to Johnson's Point

Will  “Winnipeg Rick” Martinson win the Eagle Lake Ice Out contest with a guess of April 9th???

Lucy......"No way Rick!"
Maggie: "Better luck next year Rick!"
The dogs may have a point....it is a bit cool, but the wind might be the factor!

The wind may decide the Eagle Lake Ice Out contest….

...as evident by the ice movement onto the town dock yesterday.
....and along the shoreline yesterday...

An Eagle Lake Ice Out historical perspective…

Back in the archives of Vermilion Bay Lodge and the Electric Beaver lies documentation of the Eagle Lake ice out situation as it unfolded in 2010.  This was a record breaking ice out that occurred on April 14th.  Follow this link “2010 Eagle Lake Ice Out” to view the final days of this record breaking year……and to see the winner and runners-up in the 2010 Eagle Lake ice out competition.

Stay tuned as our Eagle Lake Ice Out news team stays on top of this “fast breaking” story…

8 thoughts on “Eagle Lake Ice Out: Update #6

    1. Some downsides to an early spring will be:
      -if water temps are warmer than normal then forget the shallow water bite for lake trout…..not a complete loss though, just use a deeper diver
      -some of your favorite shallow water, spawn and post spawn walleye spots may not produce as the fish may have either scattered or moved to deeper structure.

      Some of the upsides to an early spring will be:
      -some of the best walleye fishing, in my opinion, occurs when things start warming up, new weed growth is emerging, and the walleye seem to be in more locations. Generally there are more potential good fishing spots closer to VBL than in a cold spring.
      -no snow to shovel off your boat seat

  1. Gord,

    I hope you got some well deserved rest, went to bed early, woke up and declared April 10’th the winning date?


    1. No Andy…A reliable source at VBL has assured me that ice-out will “officially” occur this Saturday, April 14th.

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