Eagle Lake Ice Out: Update #9

The Eagle Lake Ice Out…”Will it ever end?”

Ice pack between Mitchell's and Strawberry Islands

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that yet another day has past, and yet, off in the distance (the black line north of Strawberry Island), a hold-out ice flow has taken permanent residence.  After two days of calm winds, the Eagle Lake Ice Out is really dragging it’s butt!

What you can’t see from this vantage point is the remnant of ice that has drifted to the Johnson Point section of the lake.  Now, as the contest is not over until it’s over, there is still the open invitation to take a wild stab at the ice out date…..assuming you haven’t already done so.  Make yourself known soon!

Eagle Lake Ice Out fly by celebration…….

Sparing no expense, a fly by from one of Ontario’s water bomber fleet was the least I could do to celebrate the upcoming winner of the Eagle Lake Ice Out contest….

Water bomber on an Eagle Lake approach

For a better view of a water bomber picking up and dropping water over Vermilion Bay Lodge check out this video link.


The Eagle Lake Ice Out continues………….

15 thoughts on “Eagle Lake Ice Out: Update #9

  1. ****Breaking news from the Kenora Sun Post Times Journal Gazette**** After promising to replenish the ice supply for the entire Kenoran metropolis (he must go to Winnipeg for the recipe),local lodge owner Gordon Bastable was released from custody at 12 noon April 11th. He had been arrested earlier that day for the theft of every bag of ice from each and every grocer and gas station. Surveillance cameras caught a silver-haired “Abe Lincolnish” man wearing a beaver top hat initialed with VBL. The getaway vehicle, a silver Toyota pick-up, also bore the distinct VBL. When Kenoran Constable Gordon B. Gordan couldn’t decipher this evil code, a call was placed to the U.S. FBI. Bastable was apprehended later at Vermilion Bay Lodge on Eagle Lake. In an apparent attempt to foil the “ice-out” prediction of Mark “Nostradomus” Miszkiewicz, Bastable had been dumping truck loads of ice off the Government dock just off his property. He then photographed this mass of ice and declared “close but no banana” to Mr. Miszkiewiczs’ otherwise amazingly accurate prediction of April 11th. This was all done to circumvent the awarding of a VBL coffee mug and acknowledging that Mr. Miszkiewicz is truly a superior being with much greater intellect than himself. SHAME ON YOU MR. BASTABLE!

    1. WOW!!!! If this was written by my Bro-in-law and not copy and pasted I now know where we are headed for a living.
      That was an awesome piece posted above!!!!
      Dude you are wasting your talents you should be writing books for a living and give up on trying to fish/hunt!!

    2. Very interesting delusion you had there Mr. Miszkiewicz….or should I call you Nostradoofus? It seems you have saved up all you pent-up verbalizing for this one comment. Hopefully you will have a little left for future topics…….such as “How to lose gracefully at cribbage”, or “Why I can’t win a VBL coffee mug?” or “Why are all my fish so tiny?” Now that would be some interesting stuff!

      Good prediction by the way….too bad it was wrong!

  2. Very cool Gord. At first I thought that maybe this was just practice for fighting fires. And then I realized, this guy must have picked an “ice out” day for this day and was trying to speed up the process. This contest is rigged I tell you.

  3. You might call it practice, or you could call it a VBL promotional stunt. If you look closely when the water bomber drops its load at the end of the video, you will see the outline of the actual ice out date for 2012!! Believe it or not!!

  4. Gord,

    Hit the sauce hard right now. Then take a long siesta for the weekend, wake-up on Monday, and tell us if the ice is gone. I thought that was the plan?


  5. Cudo’s to Chuck Weiss for being the first to notice the new siding going up on the side of the boat house. What the hell’s wrong with the rest of you people? Quit admiring the lake and take a look at the improvements going on!! Good work Chuck!

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