Eagle Lake Ice Out: Update #10

Eagle Lake Ice Out Contest WINNER!!!

Friday the 13th, 2012 declared “Official Ice Out Day” at Vermilion Bay Lodge!!!!!

Yes, folks, the day has finally arrived.  The earliest on record and one day earlier than the previous “early year” of 2010……..Friday the 13th and the ice is GONE!

Early morning and the "Strawberry Island ice pack" has drifted over to VBL
At noon the winds pick up and the ice is on the move
By 1 p.m. it's all over......ice is "out"

28 People submitted guesses to the Eagle Lake Ice Out contest……..who won??

Yes, 28 people picked dates ranging from March 24th to May 10th.  Amazingly very few dates were duplicated.  Many were close……..Dean Spychalski, April 12th…..ohh so very close……Joe “the professor” Moskal, April 14th….damn, what a kick in the balls….a second vote for April 14th by Peggy Schultz….damn, another kick in the theoretical balls!  If only the wind had piped up a few days back then Mark M. (Mr. Bamboo Room) might have won big on April 11, but like I said earlier…….NO BANANA MARK!  No banana for Keith Mitchell (April 11) either…..but perhaps a nice VBL signature cocktail this spring (rye whiskey, diet ginger ale, and a squeeze and wedge of lemon).

O.K. Gord, who is the winner of the Eagle Lake Ice Out Contest………

….the winner of the 2012 ice out contest is….

Rod Stiffener
The "Blue Man"........

Yes, folks….as amazing as it may seem, nobody picked April 13th (I did ask for submissions on my update #9).  Therefor, in view of this, I have awarded the first prize to Mr. Mucho Caliente……….a fabulous VBL shaved beaver skin Speedo.  Wear it in good health my friend, my amigo!

Thank you for your participation in the Eagle Lake Ice Out contest of 2012.  Stay tuned for the 2013 version in 12 months.


8 thoughts on “Eagle Lake Ice Out: Update #10

  1. Missed it by 3 days! Oh well….I guess since Gord didn’t have to fork over any prizes this year, that next year’s prize should be top notch!

    The countdown to tight lines is on….

  2. Gord…A”kick in the balls” doesn’t even come close to describing the anguish I’m feeling right now. I’ve been on pins and needles all week, eating and drinking nothing but gourmet foods and fine wines. I haven’t slept in days, except for brief periods from about 10PM to 7 AM. No cigarettes, either. I’m doing my best to believe that this contest wasn’t rigged to make damn sure I wouldn’t win it two years in a row, but frankly, I have my doubts.

    I think a nice consolation prize would be fitting.

  3. Hey! Gord/iCE-oUT cONTEST gUY
    Once again a wonderful and entertaining diversion from the usual day-to-day activity.
    I’m still having moments of uncontrlled laughter.

  4. Gordon Bastable…….. Master of deception! Clearly the ice was out on the 11th and Kieth and I were looking forward to sharing that vaunted VBL coffee mug, but if it means that much to you I will gladly relinquish my crown and the mug. Even after this fiasco, I am still looking forward to my time spent at the lodge and enjoying great company. See you in a month.

    1. If the contest was only a mug I think he would have forked 1 over to the runner ups!!!
      But now that you were actually talking about something worth while like the “NEW” hoodie well we all know how Gord is!!!!
      You would have known if someone had hit the right date there would have been some name from Mexico of a charter captain that he met would have won..
      Fiasco it is and I think we have to call in some friends from the other camp to give us the proper ice out date!!!
      Time to dial in…

  5. You guys all need to spend less time fretting over why YOU didn’t pick the right date, and more time fretting over how you will catch fish this season!

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