Exploring the “Back Forty”……

With all the new snow and colder temps it was time to strap on the snowshoes and check out some of the trails behind the lodge.

It’s interesting how the dogs can find the old trail that is almost snowed over…..much easier for them with their short legs. These first two pictures are from some of the many granite ridges that are great for snowshoeing on. I’ve put a red star on the satellite image to show where I was.

These last two shots are from a large swamp (yellow star) that I’ve not been in before. I didn’t find a good exit from this swamp (I’m trying to head further west to Favell Lake) but looking at the satellite shot has given me some clues. Great ice and snow shots.

The trees don’t get very big in these swampy areas.

….and yes, I worked up a sweat getting my fat arse back into the middle of nowhere! Even the dogs seemed to be dragging their butts. Seems like I left my axe in a tree at the end before I turned back to come home…….I’ll need to retrieve that tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Exploring the “Back Forty”……

  1. When Gwen and I lived in Minnesota we would make trips up to Gord and Susannes home on the north end of the lake and would jump on the snow machines and do some great fishing and sight seeing in the winter. These pictures bring back some indlible memories. Maybe they should keep VBL open all year long.


  2. NewMexicam Maybe it is time to move back to the Midwest?
    That would be nice to be able to shoot up to VBL for a long week-end in the winter to do some Eagle Lake ice fishing with Gord but 700 miles is just to far for that idea….

    Think I need to win the lottery so I can start living the real life……

  3. Second try… Did something wrong before.
    Perchmaster, It's always fun to hear your comments. Maybe it's because my mom was born in Sheboygan.
    Yes sometimes it would be nice to be living closer to VBL. When I come up I drive 3 1/2 hours to the airport, then I fly over 1200 miles to Minneapolis, Then it's another 2 1/2 hours to Long Prairie, Mn, and the next day Buck and I drive another 8 hours to the Lodge. I would walk it if I had to but I would have to start in January.
    I have been coming to Eagle Lake for 37 years. I'm not sure but I think I can remember when I was taller than Gord. I do have pictures of me holding Holly when she was an infant.
    My closest friends know that VBL is my second favorite place on the planet bowing only to my home and my bride.
    Be well. We are fortunate to be part of the "Bastable in crowd"……..Bill

  4. Andy, I did get a mug last year and after we had a number of Captain Morgans on the deck he did break into a funny little dance (I think it was a Jig)and then he went home to bed. It was about 7:30.

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