Fifty Shades of Ice Out Grey….

As Spring opening creeps forward all eyes turn to what’s happening to the ice on Eagle Lake.  Some guests of VBL are chomping at the bit to put in a guess to the annual “Ice Out Contest”.  Fame and fortune awaits the lucky participant…….shame and unfounded accusations of corruption are often shared with those on the losing end of the stick.

Before we go any further let’s delve into some of the past ice out debacles.  A reminder to all, that the archives of the Electric Beaver hold all past posts relating to previous ice out contests.  Perhaps a search would offer up valuable guidance in this year’s prediction?  You be the judge.  Here’s some images from the past…


What fish lurk beneath the ice?

March 20.2013


April 10. 2015

Now, you may have noticed the last two pictures don’t quite fit in.  Well, this is my current view of the closest body of water….the Sea of Cortez.  A frigid 80+ degrees, but totally ice free!  How does this apply to the ice out contest?  It doesn’t really but it is difficult to post a current picture of Vermilion Bay from my lounge chair.  Subsequently you will have to resort to other methods in your deliberations… least till I return.  Consider the following:  You have one chance to be the first to enter the correct date when Vermilion Bay will be totally ice free.  Do you use strategy to bide your time, reviewing the updates on ice conditions to finally strike, or do you take a gamble to be the first on your lucky date?  Remember only the first person to pick the correct date will win.  Email me your guess where I will keep it under wraps until I announce the winner.  Good luck, and remember summer is coming!  Still time left to book a trip to Eagle Lake…..

A 30+ inch walleye caught last June….





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