Fish House Frivolities……

Proof that chartreuse is “the color” for Eagle Lake!

10 thoughts on “Fish House Frivolities……

  1. Hi Gord…This nice picture of Marge gave me an idea for your consideration. It would be a radical change in your business model which seems to be based on the mantra of "fish, relax and unwind". I can see that you're experimenting with an alternative–"sex sells". Why not take it a step further and equip at least a few cabins with pretty models dressed in chartruse bikinis? You could charge a premium for these, especially if the models did the dishes. I know for a fact that Andy would pay way extra for a petite, pretty lady to walk on his back after a hard day fishing. I probably would too, except the missus would blow a gasket if she found out. What about the notion of, "what happens at VBL, stays at VBL"? Think about it.

  2. Now that is just not right!!!!
    They give perks to the summertime guest and us springtime guest must suffer with bad weather.
    I want my money back!!!!! HAHA!!!

  3. Gord,

    As the Professor knows, I have been looking for a place with a nice young lady like Marge with tender feet. I envision you installing two bars so she can balance her self while walking on my back. With service like this I might be able to get in a few more hours on the water. Not to upset the missus, but how by chance did Joe know her name was Marge?


  4. Gord…I applaud your efforts to stay on the cutting edge of current events. I just learned that July is National Bikini Month. Can we expect to see more photos of pretty bikini-clad ladies on the blog?

  5. I do try and stay on the cutting edge of things. Besides, it is a testimonial to the spotless condition of the VBL fish-house, where bikini clad women feel at home on the cleaning table! Perhaps the professors can pose in a similar fashion during their upcoming August "Professors Gone Wild" week? Andy in a Speedo? Joe in a thong…..or just the rubber glove strategically placed?

  6. I thought this was a family site?
    Now with that last post you might kill us all with pics of your mention!!!

  7. I agree with Perchmaster….I didn't see any of that when we were there, it was 45* and I was dressed in 4-layers!

    Just when I thought I could share this site with my wife….jeez!

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