Fishing derby, part one………..

The fishing derby was held on the ice just off the government dock. Here is the outdoor firepit made out of a fuel oil tank. Hot dogs, and weigh-in station in the background.

A few of the folk braving the howling north winds for 3 hours of intense competition.

I was most interested in some of the non-fishermen……such as this dog who spent most of the 3 hours jumping in the air for balls of snow thrown by some of the kids.

Here he / she is seemingly hovering in the air. Nice vest!

Wolfie, who is part wolf and husky, spent his time hanging out by the hot dog grill and smokies.

I will post some of the fishing related news regarding this competition tomorrow. Let it be known that I was the only competitor to actually catch something……….but due to some controversy, the title was “ripped” from my grasp….. Details to follow………….

2 thoughts on “Fishing derby, part one………..

  1. GREAT pics Gord some really nice action shots of the dog.

    but due to some controversy, the title was "ripped" from my grasp….. Details to follow………….
    We can only imagine the "BULLSHIT" on this report…………

  2. The suspense is killing me. Did he catch hell from the missus? Did he catch some kind of disease? Did he leap in the air like the dog to catch a frisbee? Or did he catch the elusive bull perch and they didn't count that as a game fish? I'm betting he caught an old fishing rig on the bottom of the lake. Is that worth a mug?

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Thank you very much for making my get a way week so enjoyable. Dan and I had a great time. You and Susanne should be commended on how clean and well maintained your cabins and lodge are. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking to go to Canada fishing and I look forward to the time I can come back.

Jody Hansen

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