How high is the water momma?

High enough to wash out the road last week and a minor washout again today!



…….and things are not much better down at the docks.  Fortunately the floating docks are accommodating our guests quite nicely.  The stationary docks are a bit wet though…….



Apparently things were so out of whack that “Teal River Brad” has started back on the bottle again…


Not all is in a shambles though.  Fishing has been great, and getting better by the day.  Some of the improvements to the camp and equipment include some new 4 stoke Yamaha 20’s (electric start) and another 18 foot upgrade boat with a 40 horse tiller.  The renovation to cabin 7 is looking good and ready to accept guests.  Check it out…….


…and the boats…….


So while it has been a challenging winter and spring, things are still moving ahead, and the fish are on the move as well!  If you’re still sitting on the fence about coming up fishing just give us a shout and we’ll get you out on the water.  With today being the first day of the musky season we wish everyone good luck.  Teal River Brad was fortunate enough to catch a 45 incher last week while trolling for walleye……..perhaps resulting in the above photo?

Did you know that all packages at VBL are 10% off in September?

13 thoughts on “How high is the water momma?

  1. Hauling in big muskies on walleye rods in no easy task. Fortunately, I’ve had lots of experience. I’ve said it to many of my guests, sometimes the best way to catch muskies is to fish for something else. Props to my brother Greg for his deft handling of the net. Of course, fishing with me, he’s had a lot of practice. 😉

  2. Maybe a better quality rod would help to land those musky Brad?
    Just kidding I know your crafting rods yourself.

    Boats look great cabin #7 looks awesome and does it come with that maid service? 🙂

  3. Those water levels are unbelievable. Pretty soon the competition will be boating back to “High Rock”.

    The cabin renovation looks very nice as do those new motors. I love seeing these continued investments!

    I don’t see any of the back walking rails installed in the bedrooms, but like the perchmaster, its nice to know cabin #7 now has staff for these things. If that is all an illusion there is still the bottle option that Brad found.

  4. Wow…the cabin looks great! And I think you beat the deadline…..I would of lost the bet for sure!!

    Glad to see the new motors made it safe and sound this time, too! I’m sure the guests will be enjoying them!

    Enjoy the Summer! I’m working on the September trip!!

  5. Hi Gord…Sorry to see the return of road problems. Mother Nature seems to have sided with Sucker Creek and against the road, again. After all you have done to be a good caretaker of the land and water, this is uncalled for. On a positive note, I was pleased to see Teal River Brad return to his old self. That picture of him on the floor is just like I last saw him. Was he snoring loudly as well?

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On behalf of the Boyes Group, I would like to pass on our sincere thanks for hosting the Muskie Madness Week and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at VBL and had a great time!! This was our 7th year on Eagle Lake and we have stayed at a few other lodges but VBL takes the cake hands down! You can definitely count us in for next year. I’m happy to see you post some of my pics, they turned out well. Thanks again Gord for a wonderful week of fishing and your stellar hospitality, you run a first class operation, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Trevor Benner

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