The past few weeks have been busy…..





…for the duck family (thirteen babies!)


for the Triplett gang from Missouri catching and eating walleye (nice fish flipper Paul !)


a striking 42 inch musky caught by Gary Roholt…sweet!


a solo catch, photo and release by artist Charles Weiss.  Nice camera magic Chuckles!


Jim Andrzejewski with a dandy pike…


…Bill Stan with an “extra dandy” 42 inch pike.  Caught while fishing with guide Greg (


Dan Perkis holding Ed Perkis’s 49 inch musky monster caught trolling a crank bait on July 10.  Julia is impressed.  As usual, Ed catches musky every year in the same spot not far from the lodge… where could that be????


Of course it’s not all about the fishing, but getting together with family and introducing young kids to being on the lake and having fun.  It’s been fun, that’s for sure….now summer has arrived.  Fishing is good.  Why sit at home?

7 thoughts on “The past few weeks have been busy…..

  1. Its good to hear you survived the flood. We were all beginning to worry. Charles looks like he is turning into a fish catching machine?

  2. Electric BEAVER Crew;
    The fishing and hospitality was excellent at the V Bay Lodge as usual!
    The time on the water is never a sure thing. Sometimes during a mayfly hatch walleye are too busy eating other thing and not chasing bottom bouncers.
    Conditions were perfect on Favell Bay. West wind was just slowing down, and a surface lure was just the right presentation . Half way to the boat during a “walk-the-dog; retrieve the lake exploded with a furious splash! The fight was on ! Sudden leaps in the air too! After a minute or two I tried to net the muskie three times? FOURTH ATTEMPT ! grabbed te fish just in front of the tail andgrabbing the hoop of the next and swinging everything over the edge of the boat. Quick measure and “selfie” photo and the muskie was back in the bay. 40 inches of Finned Fury!
    The lure a “Skid Stik” popper was new a design I had just bought at Figure 8 baits in Kenora.
    It’s unique in the way it sinks in the water almost vertical and then snaps horizontal when pulled forward. It allows you to create a “walk the dog” retrieve under water, very stimulating to the muskies sense of vulnerable fish in distress .

    If your travelling through Kenora this summer see the outdoor art exhibiting in the downtown area titled “Muskies on Main” . 40 different muskie sculptures may be seen. Including my 45 inch long carving titled “SUNSET LAKE REFLECTION”.

  3. Andy; Unlike walleye fishing with it’s never ending moments of using live bait. Musky fishing doesn’t require a “baby chick” . A well presented lure at the right time will catch a muskie!
    Oh, the lures can be bought with a bargain price, you just have to know who to ask.

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