Ice Out 2023: Update #1

It’s March 27th and I drilled a few holes in the ice yesterday….

…and before I tell you what I discovered I need to send a message out to those who might be considering a trip this season to VBL. It is already shaping up to be a busy year and your options are dwindling….here’s what I still have available:

  • May 27 to June 3…one cabin…you’ll have to bring your own boat
  • June 28 to July 5…currently 2 cabins remaining
  • August 30 to September 6…one cabin
  • September 9 to 16…three cabins left
  • September 20 to 27 (Musky Madness!)…three cabins left

This is it folks, barring any unforseen cancellations, so if one of those slots is of interest then give me a call!

So back to the holes I drilled….

At the perch hole (location confidential) there was over two feet of solid ice, which isn’t an earthshattering discovery but perhaps an important detail seeing we are in the grips of an ice out predicting contest. Many entries have been submitted already without knowledge of that detail. Any regrets out there on your choice? On a sour note the perch were nowhere to be found. A nice brisk breeze picked up which persuaded us to move onto other endeavors.

Some unrelated but important news for 2023!

Over the years you may have noticed a barrel sauna hidden away behind the lodge. Susanne and I use this extensively over the winter but it’s a bit far from the lake during the summer. For 2023 we will be expanding the deck down by the lake to include a wood fired sauna along with a swimming dock to get you into the lake from the sauna. Thinking that after a long day of musky fishing in September this might be just the ticket! If it sounds interesting then throw some “sauna wear” into your suitcase!

Current conditions:

The first meager signs of Spring……some bare ground!
The snow pile speaks for itself.

So there you have it. A brief update on what’s happening. Keep the guesses coming and good luck!

PS. The top photo of a frosty cabin 7 was from back in January of this year.

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This is a first class resort located on Vermillion Bay on Eagle Lake. The cabins are very clean and well kept. The boats are new with new motors and are in great shape. The owner will also clean your fish for you after your day on the water. Make no mistake the fishing on Eagle Lake is world class.

The Lodge is owned by Gord and Susanne Bastable who will make you feel welcome and before you know it you feel like family. They are the best of hosts. The atmosphere is low key and laid back leading to a great vacation.

This is my 19th year of enjoying the hospitality of the lodge and i can’t think of going anywhere else on Eagle Lake.


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