Ice Out 2023!

Time to get the crystal ball out and make a prediction!

Ice conditions as of March 23, 2023.

It’s that time of year when the call goes out for YOU to enter the VBL ice out contest. Let’s go over the rules of the game:

  • All guesses will remain secret.
  • Pick a date that you think the ice will be gone in Vermilion Bay (as determined by our crack team of judges) and email me your guess (
  • Guesses will be accepted once this blog is posted. (Already sent one? Better resend!!)
  • The first person who predicts the correct date will be declared the winner. Note: Several people may ultimately guess the correct date; only the first guess will be declared the winner.
  • The contest is open to anyone interested in Eagle Lake. The only stipulation is the winner must pick up his / her prize here at the lodge.

Pro Tips & Strategy

  • Consider that I will be posting regular updates showing ice conditions. Do you guess now or wait for more information? Waiting comes with a risk of having your date “scooped” by the competition.
  • The “Electric Beaver” has ice out contest results dating back to when Gord still had black hair…maybe some research is in order?

So there you have it. Send me your guesses when the time is right. Here’s a few more pictures of the current conditions here at the lodge:

From my perspective winter is still here but then again we’ve just returned from a trip where ice is just something in your glass. Sit back while I entertain you with a brief slide show of our adventures:

Susanne with a Sierra Mackerel
A Yellowtail
More Yellowtail
Mexican poochie needing adoption……awww!
Take your pick!
…and no, we didn’t bring one home!

So there you have it. It was a fun winter but we’re starting to get our minds around open water and an open camp. Get your guesses in and good luck!

7 thoughts on “Ice Out 2023!

  1. Lump of coal is generational! I threatened my kids with coal for Christmas once years ago. They looked at me and asked “what’s coal?”

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