Ice Out 2024: Update #1

The gulls are back, so is the snow…

Today is April 3rd and the forcast is for above freezing daytime temps with below freezing at night. Typical spring weather. Time to get some of my chores done on the portage lakes while ice conditions are still good (over 2 feet of ice on the bay)……. Asshole’s garage is a happening place these days!

The ramp on Clearwater Lake was in need of some work….

With low water levels it’s tricky getting the boats back up onto the ramp. Perhaps extending them out a bit further will help…..also more flat surfaces to stand on can’t hurt the situation! Are those new 4 stroke motors on the back? Why, yes they are!

Let’s hope the water levels go up a bit and parts of the ramp are in the “wet zone”…. If nothing else, the extension will give us a safer place to stand while we grunt and pull…

Of course while you’re back there there is some thoughts of fishing……

“Fishless Brent” was happy to catch this monster!

Of course the trip isn’t complete without checking out the Indian pictographs….

So there you have it. Ice conditons as of today. The sun is getting warm and spring is coming. Based on previous years about half the ice out guesses have been submitted……. Obviously half of you like to wait for the updates…….hope this helps!

While we wait for the open water season here’s a throwback to past ice fishing-lake trout adventures for your viewing pleasure…

10 thoughts on “Ice Out 2024: Update #1

  1. Very impressive Gord. Seriously….a new launch and 4-strokes will be amazing. Now could you leave the ATV on the trail to assist with the death march?

    It’s also nice to see that you are still practicing schadenfreude.

  2. I’ve said it before, but I am always impressed by the way you annually reinvest in the camp. Thanks for continuing to make VBL a great experience for all of us.

  3. I’m very pleased to learn of the ongoing portage lake work. So, thank you very much.

    I’ve spent countless hours on Clearwater since the 1980s. And the missus and I anticipate a return this September knowing that the ramp and motor improvements will make life “a little more pleasanter”. Especially when compared to fishing the lake with a 9.9 hp Johnson two-stroke; that experience gives me terrible nightmares to this day. Though it’s unlikely that my shoulder, elbow and hand will recover fully, I take comfort in simply having survived that POS. It helps to have Andy remind me that the shear beauty of the lake, along with the fishing, is well-worth permanent disability.

    1. Joe, thank you for your perspective. As with many of my guests age is taking a toll, both physically and mentally. In order to perpetuate many years of you being a loyal guest I dedicate these upgrades to the senior VBL’ers still able to sling their hooks. Future plans include a wheelchair accessible portage, diaper changing station and a mid point rest / nap area.

  4. Love it…but man, I’m all for making it a bit LESS comfortable to keep people away….although a little motor for otter isn’t a bad idea….

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