Ice Out Update:: #3

Mega winter storm looms!

View of the lake as of today, April 12, 2022.
The creek is beginning to flow.
How much ice is left? Enough to park your truck and heavy trailer by Gull Rock!
Travel via sled is still good.


Lake trout success…
A good eater!
They liked this jig….no minnow.
A good day.
That’s it….a fish fry tonight!

In conclusion…

Nothing like a good roll in the snow with all fours in the air…Stella at the swimming point.

The weather forcast is dismal…

Tonight and for the next two days we have a major winter storm predicted. Up to 40 cm of snow and blizzard like conditions. Stay safe out there!

7 thoughts on “Ice Out Update:: #3

  1. Hi Gord..Any progress to report on the winch for Clearwater? I’m getting a lot of questions from Andy and Marty about this.

    1. Hi Joe…..yes, progress is underway. While we were in there Susanne took a few photos of the winch. This should help greatly moving forward. I’m thinking some strategic planning will occur this year with recommendations to follow…

      1. Progress, even in tiny amounts, is always welcome. Andy and I are pleased to know that a few photos have stimulated thinking. However, we caution against using strategic planning to generate recommendations as this could add several more years of “thinking time” simply to select a solution. And then additional years to finally implement it. I fear by then you may be unable to remember the purpose of having a winch on Clearwater. That would be a damn shame.

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