Ice out update: #5

Wet and wild…

So we have survived another Colorado low which turned into a good rain event. The last thing we needed was more snow!

The rain was welcome for two reasons…….lake level and snow melt. Here’s a photo tour from today as we wander down the road and onto the lake….

Down by the culverts some moving water is a good sign…
…on the other side of the road the water is backing up due to half frozen culverts.
We need some warm weather to clear off the road!
The lake is looking wet.
Rain and snow melt disappearing down cracks in the ice.
Lilly surveys the frozen wasteland…
The creek is showing some positive signs of breaking up.
Water levels appear to be rising…
It’s a peek a boo game with the grass……more snow in the forcast for tonight.

From all reports it will be a late ice out kind of year…

…If you picked a date in April for your ice out guess, better luck next year! We are fortunate we are not located a bit further north…it will be a delayed opener for those lakes. In our case I’m optimistic that some warmer weather patterns will take hold in the near future. The next two days are below freezing but after that things look more promising!

Many a lake trout has been caught early in the spring on the Rapala Husky Jerk.

For those of you who have been coming for years…

….you might have had the chance to talk to, or fish with Gordon Euler. He was a long time Eagle Laker…growing up in Waldhof and eventually taking over his parents camp….Euler’s Camp in Waldhof Bay. As a boy he would drive a team of horses to bring guests from Waldhof to the camp. After the camp Gord did a lot of guiding for area camps, including VBL. Gord takes with him a lot of area history and endless stories about fishing on Eagle Lake…. Gordon Euler | CKDR

Gord with a couple of Clearwater lakers.

Feeling lucky? Haven’t submitted and ice out guess yet? Now’s your chance!

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