Interesting Eagle Lake images from 2011

Here’s my pick for some of the more interesting Eagle Lake images from this past season that don’t necessarily involve catching fish.

Trophy whitetail on Eagle Lake

It may not be a giant, but it sure gets your attention!  This buck was seen a number of times by various people in an undisclosed region of Vermilion Bay.  May he live long and prosper! Photo by Rick St. Croix… goalie and part-time walleye and muskie angler.

Loons on Eagle Lake
A loon and chick on Vermilion Bay, Eagle Lake Ontario

Here’s a real nice close-up of a mother loon and her chick.  Thank-you to Henry Mowraski for taking time away from his muskie fishing to capture this image.  I love the red-eye!

Bald Eagle
A young bald eagle unafraid of posing for this picture.

On a September adventure back into Clearwater Lake, Henry and I were able to get closer to a young bald eagle than ever before.  It probably helped that he had just dined on some lake trout scraps we left on the rock.  I suspect he was feeling a little weighted down and somewhat lazy on this beautiful fall day.  Photo by Henry Mowraski.

Steamy Eagle Lake during a September cold front


Weather wise September is a time of dramatic change.  A cold front over a relatively warm Eagle Lake results in this steamy profile.  A view best taken from the protection of a warm deck and nearby fire!  The dark clouds in the background are highlighted by the sun peeking out in the foreground.  The flag is a nice touch of color.


Swimming black bear in Vermilion Bay

It’s unusual to see a bear in the water, and tough to get a close shot, so I thought this photo by Todd Cole was pretty interesting.  This summer  we had several bear sightings, including the mother and 3 cubs that were seen roaming between Dog Island and Round Island.  The
“Round Island Boys” even had one of the bawling cubs actually swim towards them while fishing their “secret” spot.

Walleye Fillet
Hot walleye, cold beer...

This photo by Scotty Kardasz kind of sums up what an “up north” fishing trip is all about.   Cabin #3 at Vermilion Bay Lodge highlights “Uncle Bob” reaching for the crisp walleye fillet with a nearby frosty Labatt’s Blue.

Island in the sun
Eagle Lake island

I love the way this island is framed by the pines and highlighted by the sun as it peeks out on a stormy day.  I think this photo was taken by Neil Hull.

Big pike being released on Caribou Lake

Trying out the new underwater camera I came up with this shot of a very nice pike caught on Caribou Lake.  It is interesting to get the “fishes-eye view” of their watery world.  The colors and detail on the pike are great!

More Eagle Lake images?

I hope a few of these photos bring back some great memories of your own trip to Eagle Lake in 2011, or from years past.   Here’s to future pictures of great fishing, scenery and wildlife!


4 thoughts on “Interesting Eagle Lake images from 2011

  1. GREAT PICS!!!! And Gord no such thing as Big pike being released on Caribou Lake!!!!!
    I agree there is nothing like the pics to bring back memories.
    And could it be that Gord knows of more pics in our future?

    1. It could be Perchmaster……..but I’m not sure if folks are ready for disturbing images of you in your crotchless leather chaps and riding crop…..or those crazy photo’s of the professor in his “oh so small” shorts he originally bought in 1967.

  2. I think Gord you have me confused with one of your hunting buddies that was in that very disturbing video. As for the professor I have no idea what goes on behind cabin doors..

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Thank you very much for making my get a way week so enjoyable. Dan and I had a great time. You and Susanne should be commended on how clean and well maintained your cabins and lodge are. I will recommend you to anyone that is looking to go to Canada fishing and I look forward to the time I can come back.

Jody Hansen

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