Vermilion Bay Muskie Fishing

Muskie fishing on Eagle Lake Ontario…


Seems like a lot of folk out there have an interest in Vermilion Bay muskie fishing. Here at Vermilion Bay Lodge muskie fishing on Eagle Lake Ontario is almost always challenging, exciting, rewarding and fun!

A heart stopping moment at boat-side...50 inches of finned fury!

Muskie Madness Week

A highlight of the season at the lodge is the annual Muskie Madness Week.  The 7th Annual, was held during September 10-17, 2011, and was attended by an eclectic band of muskie hunters.  The 2011 Madness Week turned out to be a good one for big fish!

Tom Wood's 50 inch winning muskie....nice!
Winner of the 2011 Muskie Madness Week, "Toronto" Tom Wood
2nd place winner Keith Mitchell with a respectable 42 inch muskie, is awarded a "Magnum 50"

Announcing “The Magnum 50″…

Shown above, Keith Mitchell is presented with a prototype “Magnum 50”, a new innovation in measuring trophy muskie designed to take you from 2nd place to “champion” in one easy step.  Hand crafted, the Magnum 50 is made from 48 inches of solid Ontario Jack pine (pinus enlargus) and comes with instruction manual,  a handy rope and is guaranteed to float.  Laser cut and accurate to within 6 inches (give or take).  “Make your next muskie release a fifty incher!” 

Coming soon “The Sasquatch 60″…


More Vermilion Bay Muskie Fishing…

Anytime during the muskie season is a good time to try for the “big one”, but if friendly competition is your thing, then make room in your schedule for the 8th Annual Muskie Madness Week to be held at Vermilion Bay Lodge on September 8th-15th, 2012.  Another consideration for late season muskie fishing…we will be keeping a limited number of cabins available into October in 2012…book early for your fall trophy muskie fishing!

Nothing beats the excitement of releasing an Eagle Lake Muskie.

Mentioning the Vermilion Bay Lodge Muskie Madness Week would not be complete without pointing out the “inner competition” that takes place during the week…..that’s right, it’s the mid-week shuffleboard tournament held each year at the Bay-view Hotel.  Congratulations to Dick Moy (total Dick) on his “kick-butt” attitude and big win.  Check it out……..sometimes there is more to “Vermilion Bay muskie fishing” than you think!


More pictures of Vermilion Bay muskie fishing


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This is a first class resort located on Vermillion Bay on Eagle Lake. The cabins are very clean and well kept. The boats are new with new motors and are in great shape. The owner will also clean your fish for you after your day on the water. Make no mistake the fishing on Eagle Lake is world class.

The Lodge is owned by Gord and Susanne Bastable who will make you feel welcome and before you know it you feel like family. They are the best of hosts. The atmosphere is low key and laid back leading to a great vacation.

This is my 19th year of enjoying the hospitality of the lodge and i can’t think of going anywhere else on Eagle Lake.


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