It is all about the trip!

I know the perchmaster just wants to see fishing pictures, so let me share a few of those and then move on to chronicling our trip to VBL. After spending the night in Virginia and seeing the following bumper sticker in the hotel parking lot, we made up our minds that we were going to be in the fish catching business. Business was good.

First of all, the Trout-O-Rama was perhaps not in full swing but several nice trout made an appearance. This first one came on a crawler harness while trolling for walleyes near Strawberry.

This one was a real line screamer and came after a day of fishing on Clear water while exiting the portage bay back to the cabin. I was trolling a large tail dancer. While the Professor was too tired to dig for a lure after the portage, I was busy attending to a spinning rod that was literally screaming. While he might not be great at taking photo’s the Professor is an excellent net man.

There were also several nice trout taken on Clear Water trolling tail dancers.

There were also the top secret locations…

Now for the trip.

Before we even departed the driveway, the Professor announced he was “back on the sauce” and asked if I had any of that fine Capital Brewery beer from Middleton.

Then there was the traditional stop in Minnesota before we crossed the border so he could stock up on cancer sticks.

Joe spent plenty of quality time enjoying both Mr. Binky and the awful Brandy he had to offer. Or perhaps that was some other liquid left behind by the Perchmaster?

When he wasn’t eating, smoking or drinking he was a fish catching machine.

Perhaps you noticed that hansom custom fish towel? These were just warm up gifts for the fine prizes to come our way during the highly competitive Perch Rodeo. We attached one of these fine promotional items to an email sent to the perchmaster.

We came across this sign in International Falls….an odd business combination that might also work in Vermilion Bay (R.V. dumping and skate sharpening)…

When we left camp we know that Ms. Musky and her net man had arrived in camp. There were others. Like the perchmaster, we need an update on their activities.

9 thoughts on “It is all about the trip!

  1. Andy
    I was really enjoying these last 2 posts till I go to the rub in part.
    I did notice on your shoulders the new VBL fishing towels.
    See now if you guys really would have appreciated all the tips I gave you before left you would have stopped at my house on your way back to Mad Town with 1 case of Mooshead 4-5 packages of my favorite Canadian rye and one of those now famed towels that Gord was going to send along.

    Miss one year in what 14 years and you pay the price….
    Nice pics even though the professor could not keep his finger out of the pic.

  2. It’s unfortunate that the Professor took to wearing the VBL boat towel as a breechclout. The sight of all that white arse was deeply disturbing……..

  3. As you have been noticing, Andy has been doing a fine job sharing different aspects of our recent trip to VBL. Now I’m going to take this in a different direction.

    We had a great time enjoying the challenge of finding and catching fish. Andy is the best fishing partner I’ve ever had, and although our general tendencies are somewhat different, we make it work as a team–something I really appreciate. It turns out that he’s also a very decent person with a sense of humor and take on life that amuses and interests me. Spending time with him is easy and enjoyable. So, that’s my good fortune.

    As we were returning home from Canada, I learned that a cherished member of my family had entered into an unexpected end-of-life stage. His name is Lucky Boy, A Tabby cat whose company I’ve deeply enjoyed for the past eight years. He died yesterday and I miss him.

    That’s life–in which all things have a beginning, middle and end. Everything changes, eventually. Lucky Boy’s passing reminds me to seek out those I care about and to do what matters because I know that something will change again to make that difficult or impossible.

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