It’s coming! Ice out 2014… “Year of the endless winter”



It’s March 27 and the waves lap the shore, the birds are singing, and the owner is on crack.  Well, not really, but neither has winter released us from it’s grip.


Some have questioned the lack of posts.  What?  No ice fishing pics?  No ice out contest?  What are you doing up there?  Recovering from frost bite and getting myself into the “spring camp action mode”. 


Let’s take stock.  A cabin #4 renovation project started last fall was put on temporary hold during a cold November snap.  Unfortunately that cold snap has lasted till the end of March.


Is this the first guest of the season?  Nope, just me trying to remember where I left off down in cabin 4.


Oh, yea!  Now I remember…the screen porch has windows, and the interior wall has been partially removed.  While some may have found having a bathroom in a screened porch somewhat “brisk” on those chilly September mornings, I think it was likely invigorating.  All behind us now……let’s get this finished!


While we’re at it how about gutting cabin 7?


Perfect, not a wall left.  Now what?


Two loads of cabin 7 go for a final ride to the dump.  A fond farewell to that nice paneling…..


So back to reality.  When is ice out going to occur?  Who can predict the date on such an usual year???  The gantlet has been dropped.  It’s up to you to come up with an answer.  As usual the first to contact me via email ( or by phone ( 888-301-8229 ) and enter the correct date will be the winner of a fabulous prize (leftover paneling from cabin 7 perhaps?).

Pro Tip:  You only have one guess.  Do you wait to get the “lay of the land” and risk someone else scooping the right date?  Or, do you fly off the handle and just be the first to make a fool of yourself?

March 28.12

Just to remind you of the variables, here is what things looked like 2 years ago.  So pleasant….why is there no snow?

Pro Tip:  Don’t be fooled by this picture.  It is just Gord’s way of ensuring nobody wins the “fabulous prize”.


So, put on your thinking caps, polish up your crystal balls, buff your carrot, or whatever it takes to come up with the right answer!  Send me your guess.  As usual, anyone can enter.  The only stipulation is the “fabulous prize” must be picked up at VBL.  Good luck!


14 thoughts on “It’s coming! Ice out 2014… “Year of the endless winter”

  1. Things must be slow for you, Gord. I didn’t think you were capable of this much writing in one sitting. Susanne must be proud.

  2. Impressive indeed. I can see that Susanne must have been cracking the whip. I can’t wait to see the improvements first hand.
    Ice out? I remember the spring of 1984 when I was living in Northwest Wisconsin and the ice didn’t go out until the week before the fishing opener (second weekend in May). It had a lot of people on edge as we were hosting the Governor’s Fishing Opener that year. Has there ever been a winter where there was still ice on the opener at VBL?

  3. I think I will wait and make a guess when I am there the last week if May. Checking the progress first hand has to help my chances of winning.
    I hope I’m joking.

  4. Andy…Maybe we should take the Perchmaster on another virtual fishing trip trip to VBL this year. As I recall, he had a grand time when we did this together last year.

  5. I’ll put the boys up on the filet table and actually throw a date out there to get this thing going. I’m going with May ###….although July ### looks more accurate at this point. That happens to be my birthday also…maybe I can tip a glass of Forty Creek in celebration of the ice out too.

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