Last Chance to Freeze Your Arse Off…….

This was the last chance for a shot at the big one I saw back in September. I’ve never fished in November before so I was mildly surprised that Susanne (pictured above) instigated this spur of the moment trip. Well, the good thing is that I can say I gave it another “shot”, but it would have been a real surprise to reconnect with that fish of a life time. Perhaps next year. I’ve had some reliable reports of really big fish being seen this year……a 60 incher as of last week in Portage Bay. That’s the stuff that muskie fishermen live for! 2010 is the year, I hope!

16 thoughts on “Last Chance to Freeze Your Arse Off…….

  1. Yea Gord now is not the time to give up on the musky of a lifetime.
    Keep pounding the water till it turns hard.
    Susanne looks a little cold up in front….
    Good thing she did not slip her way into the cold waters of Eagle…..

  2. Well actually Perchmaster, I was hanging from the side of the boat, feet dangling close to the water. Gord rushed forward an unceramoniously hauled me into the boat. It was the old "slip into the water off of the rock manoeuver, that I perfected on an earlier outing with Gord and Mark.

  3. I agree Gord time for her to get her own username.
    When I see words like (unceramoniously) being used I sure the hell know that this is not you typing.

    Susanne come on join the crowd and get your own username.

    Yea where is that moose hunting story anyways?

  4. I have posted a link to my recent moose hunt experience in the margins of the blog….check it out. No animals were harmed in the making of this video…….just some minor liver damage.

  5. Hi Folks…Be forewarned about the moose hunting video. I just watched it and was horrified to see grown men acting like grown men. There were segments featuring four-wheelers and mud puddles, beer and booze, camo make-up, and big pots of food on the stove. There even were pictures of naked women on the wall. But one thing really stood out–Gord appeared ever so briefly in his undies and a shredded tee shirt. This shot is breath-taking and makes an otherwise tame video well worth watching.

  6. Well I was starting to enjoy the hunting video till about 4 minutes into it and had just got eating tenderloin tips for dinner and needless to say it is now all over my keyboard thanks to Gord…..
    Looks to guy's more like a gay mans strip club not hunting club.
    All you see is a bunch of drunk Canadians and no hunting….
    Boy I sure would like to hear what Susanne has to say about this one?

  7. Very Disturbing indeed. I guess the banjo music at the beginning of the video should have been a clue as to what was to come. I think the fold outs on the wall were intended to be a reminder that they weren't really gay. As they said on Seinfeld…Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  8. I'm just guessing here, but I am assuming that the survival rate of the moose during this shoot and release hunt was quite high?


  9. Was that a baby Robin peeking out of gord's briefs?

    NO……………… It was the hummingbird that flew into the styrofoam in spring….
    Hey Andy yes very disturbing indeed and the movie you were thinking of with the banjo music was Deliverance but I am almost thinking this was more on the lines of Broke Back Mountain…

    This will create a talk all winter long I am thinking this hunting vid should have had it's own thread.

  10. Most lodge owners like to present an unrealistic view of themselves….I have decided to take the opposite approach and show everyone the baby Condor in my briefs. Time will tell if it beats doing sport shows….much more fun though…….

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