November 5th Splake Expedition……

A cold November morning and I’m off to check out a small lake west of Vermilion Bay that is stocked with Splake. John and Tom who are up deer hunting (and already have their deer) come along.

No ice on the lake but plenty of snow on the ground from the night before……

Tom with probably a 24 inch splake……which is pretty big from my limited experience. By the way, a splake is a cross between a brook trout and a lake trout.

Tom and John with the final results…….two very nice splake…..
By the way, they tasted great!

11 thoughts on “November 5th Splake Expedition……

  1. Gord,

    Are you sure those are not just huge brookies? The Splake in Lake Michigan get to be monsters, on the other hand, these fish would also be huge brook trout. Nice Pics! I suppose this is another one of those "top secret" lakes?


  2. Sorry…just blew up the last picture. Definitely a Splake. The forked tale is a trait of the Laker. Brookies would have a square tail. I will send you some pictures of those giant splake that the Professor and I have caught out of Lake Michigan. I love fishing brookies in the stream, and these Splake are no slouch!


  3. Andy, the pics of your splake are much bigger than these little guys. My only experience in catching splake is on this nearby lake and generally they seem to be 10-12 inches long there.

    Perchmaster……the weather has done a reversal and a window of muskie fishing opportunity has opened today. Toronto Tom and I are going out later this morning……

  4. Good Luck Gord think you should take advantage of the nice weather I'm sure there are a few musky in deeper drop offs just waiting for you and Toronto Tom.
    Make sure you let us know how it went and post those pics…

  5. Humbling indeed.

    But a good time was had by all. Not very often you are the only boat on the lake but Saturday was certainly one of those days, not sure but it might have been a result of the 2-3 foot rollers.

  6. Just posted on the V Bay Lodge bay HOME PAGE!Has anyone read the muskie masters story from Bobby Izumi's REAL FISHING Magazine?

  7. I love the Charles Weiss illustration. However, I often wonder why these articles never include any PHOTOS of Charles holding any monster muskies. Does one exist?

  8. Charles is a gifted artist, but is extreemly shy about having his picture taken. Apparently this has something to do with a crappy mug shot taken years ago. I've heard he absolutely refuses to be phographed with any fish, even goldfish. Yet, this story is inconsistent with the "Elusive Chuck" picture at the bottom of this blog page. Perhaps it was digitally altered to make it appear he is holding a lake trout. He could just as well be holding a Thanksgiving turkey on a platter.

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