Looking forward to summer!

Another -40 degree tadalafilonlineoffer morning and I’m thinking of summer and warmer weather. I dug up a few pictures from past summers to help remind me that it will happen….eventually.

10 thoughts on “Looking forward to summer!

  1. Hi Folks…If you have never fished with Gord before, please understand that he insists upon a one hour mid-morning nap. He’s very strict about this and gets quite cranky if you disturb him.

  2. If you have never fished with Gord it is a must.
    Keep an eye out where you are going when he is driving cause he is known to take a nap while driving you to your next honey hole.

  3. The only thing ruining this picture is the old bum lying in the sun, does he think the boat is a park bench?

  4. Our motto is "Fish, Relax, Unwind" That was the relax & unwind phase….
    And as all guest of VBL know you do live up to this part.The only time I get to see you really work is when we fish in snowstorms in May then the challenge is on.

  5. Hope to see more pictures on this site really adds to it.
    Also am looking forward to seeing your weekly fishing reports come summertime Gord?
    Maybe some of your ice fishing adventures would be nice to see till the fishing season comes along?
    You are coming up with some good story’s here Gord I must say.
    Like the trader bay story never knew that.

  6. Perchman…..I will posting some ice fishing stuff in the next day or two. We are finally getting some decent weather…not the -30 C stuff we have had lately. In the summer there will be plenty of fish stuff posted…….also more Eagle Lake history.

  7. Keep up the great work Gord Looking good so far.
    Maybe you could get Suzanne to post some of her Barbie cooking ideas.Think there might be a few that would like to try out the trout on the barbie we had one year in May.
    Headed North this week-end to do some ice fishing been kind of stuck in the house the last 2 weeks with the flu bug then sub zero cold this past week-end.

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